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I'm not admin!!! My Investment $100


Registration Here

Investment Plan:

Diamonds or Cubic Zirconia:

There is no risk when making money on diamonds and cubic zirkonia , you are guaranteed to receive your income.
To earn, you need to buy diamonds or cubic zirkonia, wait until the current rate reaches the target rate and press the button - get income.
You receive income in dollars to your balance for withdrawal.


Diamonds are much more profitable than cubic zirconias.
The income from Diamonds is 110% , from Cubic Zirconia 105%
The minimum purchase amount of Cubic Zirconia is less than that of Diamonds, this allows beginners to try the income from Cubic Zirconia and understand how Gemstones work.
You can buy diamonds starting from 


6 grams of gold, and cubic zirconias from 


2 grams of gold.
And the Maximum purchase amount of Diamonds is much more than that of Zirconia, this allows you to earn a very large income on Diamonds.

Minimum Withdraw: 0.10$

Minimum Deposit: 5$
Payment Matched: Payeer



The purchase of all gems is grouped into separate Purchases.
You can buy Diamonds or Cubic Zirconia at any time from the latest Purchase.
Purchases allow you to make payments to all players centrally, without delay, automatically and around the clock.
As soon as the current rate reaches the target rate in your Purchase, you can collect your income.
At the same time, a new Purchase is created, in which all players can buy gems.

How long does each Purchase last:

The end of each purchase means payments for those who bought Diamonds or Cubic Zirconia in this Purchase.
The duration of each Purchase is different and depends on the demand from players for this type of gems at a particular point in time.
On some days, there are multiple Purchases per day, and on other days, when demand from players is higher, there may be several Purchases per hour.
The more actively all players buy Diamonds or Cubic Zirconia, the faster the current rate increases, the more often it reaches the target Purchase rate and the more often players receive income.
More information can be found on the Diamonds and Cubic Zirconia pages.
Press the Go button at the top, in blocks with Diamonds or Cubic Zirconia


Risk: none - you are guaranteed to receive income in the amount indicated. 

Income: The amount of income as a percentage of the purchase amount. If you bought $10 worth of diamonds (100 grams of gold) and the income is 110%, then you will receive $11.

Min. and Max. purchase: The minimum and maximum amount for which you can purchase Diamonds or Cubic Zirconia.
Diamonds or Cubic Zirconia can be bought many times, but the total amount in one "Purchase" must not exceed the maximum amount and must not be less than the minimum.

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