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This thread is for informational purposes only and is not a call to action.
Only you can make the decision and be responsible.

Start of work 12.09.2022


Legend: “Trade Expert is a large staff of professional and experienced traders who trade cryptocurrency assets and show positive growth dynamics. The best and proven professionals analyze the situation on the markets every day and build a trading strategy based on extensive experience, the investments of our investors are reliably protected.

Investment plans:

5% per month for 90 days ($150 - $5000);

6% per month for 180 days ($5,000 - $20,000);

7% per month for 360 days ($20,000 - $100,000).

The deposit can be withdrawn at any time, but with the payment of a commission of 20% of the deposit.

Payment systems: Tether TRC - 20

Payment type: manual. Time limit from 2 hours to 7 days

Minimum withdrawal: 10$

Affiliate Program: 15$ / 30$ / 50$ for each program created by your partner. Also, the number of active partners raises the amount of accruals on deposits.

Refback from the monitor up to 300%.

Our contribution: 250 USD (listing)


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