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I am not the admin or the owner of the project, I don’t know the admin!


Started: Friday, 22 April 2022
Payouts: Instant (minimum withdrawal amount for PM 1$, ePayCore 1$, BITCOIN 20$, BITCOIN CASH 5$, ETHEREUM 20$, LITECOIN 5$, DASH 5$, USDT TRC20 5$, USDT BEP-20 5$, USDT ERC20 20$, TRON 5$, RIPPLE 5$, DOGE 5$, BNB 10$)
Ref-offer 7% - 3%

Technical details (information from ISP and H-Metrics (HyipLogs) resources):

  • Domain: GoDaddy.com, LLC,    2015-03-04 - 2023-03-04 (registered for  8 years)
  • SSL: Free SSL valid from 31 Jul, 2022 to 29 Oct, 2022 - Let's Encrypt
  • Hosting: Cloudflare, Inc
  • IP-address: (live sites on IP: 2)
  • Script: GoldCoders License
  • Similar text HYIPs:  0
  • Similar design HYIPs: 0


MiningDoor is the world's leading provider of digital asset mining services. MiningDoor was made by professionals for individuals who want to get involved in cryptocurrency mining. We believe that everyone should benefit from the mining and be able to have access to the newest technologies and large-scale industrial data centers from your laptop or mobile phone. MiningDoor team has been involved in a mining business since 2015. We've been constantly exploring the crypto market, and we want to share our knowledge with you. We handle the complex processes involved in mining such as miner procurement, transport logistics, power management and daily operations. This allows anyone, experienced or novice users, to start mining with a simple click. As a miner sharing platform, MiningDoor has strategic partnerships with the top miner manufacturers as well as renowned mining pools like BTC.com, ViaBTC, Foundry, AntPool, F2Pool and BTC.top. Features of our service include, but are not limited to, traceable miners, direct payouts from pools and flexible plans. Authenticity, transparency, security and convenience are our mottos at work as we make digital asset mining accessible to everyone. We have served users from more than 200 countries and regions. We have mining farms deployed across Asia and Europe that are in compliance with local regulations. The number of miners under our management has exceeded 100,000 units. These efforts provide our global users with a first-in-class miner sharing service that operates 24/7.

Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin, Perfect Money, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Dash, ePayCore, Ripple (XRP), Tron (TRX), Stellar (XLM), USDT ERC-20, USDT TRC-20, Binance Coin (BNB), USDT BEP-20

Investment plans:

  • $20 - $9999999: 3.36% daily for 60 days (deposit included)

Registered company profile: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/14090355
Company Address: https://goo.gl/maps/6hUFVvxtRcyNuNYw6
Telegram: https://t.me/MiningdoorGroup
Telegram: https://t.me/MiningDoor


Insurance for investors: $1000 Insurance details and rules

This topic was created for the purpose of information. I am not responsible for your decisions!

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IM-1-EN.gif Friday, August 26, 2022 10:10 PM - 30.44 USD: https://tronscan.org/#/transaction/8c4300a52edf76c6bbdaea4aeb236095931b51b74612773ee894c844bed20ff1 Friday, August 26, 2022 10:11 PM - 7.00 USD: Operation ID: 947552 Operation Date: 26.08.2022 22:11 Status: Completed Sender's account: ePayCore E041027 Amount: 7 USD Note: Withdraw to InstantMonitorCom from MiningDoor LTD
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IM-1-EN.gif Sunday, August 28, 2022 9:31 PM - 7.00 USD: Operation ID: 951600 Operation Date: 28.08.2022 21:31 Status: Completed Sender's account: ePayCore E041027 Amount: 7 USD Note: Withdraw to InstantMonitorCom from MiningDoor LTD Sunday, August 28, 2022 9:32 PM - 20.16 USD: https://tronscan.org/#/transaction/e502ae599a10ca7dabd97b6b97df5c4152f349b096b144faa5a1893e3d289070
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IM-1-EN.gif Saturday, September 3, 2022 9:37 PM - 20.16 USD: https://tronscan.org/#/transaction/3482eb91aa9f5d74b68bfece314c015feafe6b311ef6cfcca94f28fdd3906d6b Saturday, September 3, 2022 9:38 PM - 8.40 USD: Operation ID: 962935 Operation Date: 03.09.2022 21:38 Status: Completed Sender's account: ePayCore E041027 Amount: 8.4 USD Note: Withdraw to InstantMonitorCom from MiningDoor LTD
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