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I am not the admin or the owner of the project, I don’t know the admin!


Started: Friday, 05 August 2022
Payouts: Instant (minimum withdrawal amount is $1)
Ref-offer 7% - 1% - 1%

Technical details (information from ISP and H-Metrics (HyipLogs) resources):

  • Domain: NameCheap, Inc.,    2021-10-06 - 2023-10-06 (registered for  2 years)
  • SSL: Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA valid from 07 Jun, 2022 to 08 Jun, 2023 - Sectigo Limited
  • Hosting: Digital Ocean, Inc
  • IP-address: (live sites on IP: 1)
  • Script: not defined
  • Similar text HYIPs:  0
  • Similar design HYIPs: 0


Pumpos.net is a new and ambitious team of crypto market expert traders and software developers that builds it business focusing on the most lucrative, risky and rewarding sector of the crypto currency industry. In current environment of global uncertainty and poor regulation the crypto market gives an abundance of opportunities for virtually unlimited profits on all sorts of speculative schemes. Regardless of whether the reigning trend is bullish or bearish the market participants are always on search for quick profits, hence, the growing amount of various market situations where amazing opportunities present themselves. And one of these situations is deliberate market manipulations by trendsetters, influencers and trade groups known as pumping. Pumping is a preplanned growth of particular assets aimed at capitalizing on its explosive momentary price rise. This often involves some unpopular or undervalued coins or tokens that are purely worthless at the start, so that traders can purchase large amounts of it quickly artificially boosting its value and provoking a growing demand and price growth. The asset is then sold at its high with huge profits taken.

Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin, Perfect Money, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Dash, Ripple (XRP), Tron (TRX), Stellar (XLM), USDT TRC-20, Binance Coin (BNB), USD Coin (USDC)

Investment plans:

  • $20 - $5000: 2.13% - 0.75% hourly for 50 - 200 hours (deposit included)
  • $50 - $50000: 113.2% - 180% after 3 - 10 days

Registered company profile: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/14171060
Company Address: https://goo.gl/maps/D3WEsVm9qQtersUz9
Telegram: https://t.me/pumpos_support
Telegram: https://t.me/pumpos_net


Insurance for investors: $500 Insurance details and rules

This topic was created for the purpose of information. I am not responsible for your decisions!

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