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I'm not admin here!

Welcome To TradeZoom Company

The popularity of TradeZoom as a concept grew substantially in 2022, primarily due to big announcements by tech giants. The Metaverse is a hypothesized digital shared space in which everyone on Earth can seamlessly interact and engage in a fully immersive, simulated experience.
TradeZoom LTD is an ecosystem and Metaverse-based investment platform produced by our team. We offer institutional solutions and services for the digital investment class and wealth management in crypto market, because the security that the decentralized crypto world provides is unrivaled among other banking methods, and with a growing community of users, it will only become more viable. TradeZoom LTD is already taking the idea of the Metaverse and pairing it with investment ecosystem.


33.36% Hourly for 3 Hour
75% Hourly for 3 Hour
100% Hourly for 3 Hour
Minimal Spend: $10 / Maximal Spend: $100.000

SSL Encryption

DDos Protection
Other Script
Registrar     NameSilo,LLC
Created on 2022-07-22
Expires on 2023-07-22
Updated on 2022-07-22     

Accept: PM, Bitcoin,....

Join here: https://tradezoom.top/


My deposit:

The amount of 35 USD has been withdrawn from your account.

Accounts: U4603107->U12456834.
Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Order 17327796..
Date: 04:12 23.07.22. Batch: 473729817.

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