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Start of work 20.05.2022


Legend: "Hello. My name is Arkady Sergienko, I am the founder and head of Anakonda Investment Company, and I want to tell you in detail and in detail about us. Investment company Anakonda accepts investments at 10% - 15% per month, or in other words up to 180% per annum. Let's figure out where really such a high profit comes from in comparison with banks and investment institutions in any country in the world, and what is our mission, our real goals and objectives. Companies are rarely honest and frank with their investors, but we decided to change this, and initially dot the i's.

We are a team that has accumulated vast experience in this area for almost 10 years, and has learned a balanced distribution of investments, and a stable income. In some years, our profit was more than 800% per annum, but then we did not attract investors from outside.

The fact is that we have learned to receive a very high level of income through cryptocurrency investments. We are watching what is happening in the world, as well as what interest rates are given by ICs and banks around the world. I am from a low-income family, so when I became a dollar crypto millionaire, I had an idea that grew into a mission, and then to the Anakonda IC project.

Investment plans (payments weekly in equal installments):

10% per month for 3 months (from $100);

12% per month for 6 months (from $300);

15% per month for 12 months (from $1000);

Payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Tether, Sbarbank, Alfa, VTB, Tinkoff

Payment type: manual up to 24 hours.

Affiliate program: 5%

Refback from the monitor up to 1000% Insurance fund 500 USD.

Our contribution: 300 USD (listing)



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