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SHTO Finance Earn Up to 16% Daily Passive Income

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SHTO Finance


SHTO Finance Earn Up to 16% Daily Passive Income

SHTO Finance is a platform  where you invest BUSD in order to mint SHTO Token daily with increased APR aimed to give long term sustainable payouts.SHTO Token can be sold on our website for BUSD so you earn daily yield of BUSD. We are 100% Decentralized.

❖ Official Website: https://shto.finance

❖ Official Launch Date: 3 April 2022, 22:00 UTC/GMT

❖ Verified contract

❖ 3-Level Referral system

Mint $SHTO by staking your $BUSD (APR 2190%)

Stake $SHTO to earn more $SHTO (APR 3650%)

Sell $SHTO and earn $BUSD 

❖ $SHTO Finance token address: 0x5e9B4D4dEA323975A47725041cAe549cE5559057


( GET 15 $SHTO Tokens )

1. Join the official telegram announcement channel : 


2. Follow our Twitter:


3. Send Proof Screenshot to our Official Group chat and add your BSC(BEP20) wallet address.

( GET 100 $SHTO Tokens )

1. Make a public Youtube Video about SHTO Finance.

2. Send your Link of Proof to the Official Group Chat with your bep20 wallet address.

Official group and channel:



Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShtoFinance

Official website: https://shto.finance

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