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Carbonland Trust & CarbonlandDAO gaining traction with major Grant for ESG

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Carbonland Trust & CarbonlandDAO gaining traction with major Grant for ESG digital assets


Blockchain Laboratories’s Carbonland Trust Protocol is winner of  Wave2 XRPL grant

February 25, 2022, On Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022, RippleX announced on Twitter winners of Wave2 XRPL grants. Blockchain Laboratories ESG solution Carbonland Trust was successfully chosen as a “Wave 2” winner of the XRPL grant program. This funding event was a grant of $200,000 USD and is 8-times larger than the Wave 1 grant that was received in September 2021 at $25,000 USD to initially work on the Carbonland Trust protocol.

The Wave 2 grant equips Blockchain Laboratories with the needed capital to extend its operations and kick-start initial campaigns for the intertwined projects Carbonland Trust and Carbonland DAO. With those projects, Blockchain Laboratories wants to revolutionize the voluntary carbon markets. Boone Bergsma, founder of Carbonland Trust and DAO says:‘‘This Wave 2 grant will be highly beneficial to boost Carbonland Trust’s mission helping more private landowners take part in the voluntary carbon markets and rapidly enabling individuals to crowdsource forest conservation as a community. Protecting bio-diverse forest land is the most effective and efficient method to sequester CO2 we have.” 

Carbonland Trust provides MRV services using AI, Machine Learning, Satellites, and Multispectral Imagery from Drones to quantify year over year stored carbon in forest’s plant life and soil. This to-be-patented MRV process is able to calculate CO2 sequestration data from properties that have enrolled into Carbonland Trust’s conservation protocol. And then based on MRV data issue Carbon Removal Credits (CRC) as digital assets. These tokenized Carbon Removal Credits represent 1 ton of CO2e that a forest land in Carbonland Trust’s protocol has sequestered. CRC can be sold on exchanges or retired/claimed as a carbon offset during which the claimer receives a Certificate of Carbon Removal NFT as proof of their offsetting for reaching carbon neutrality. 

Landowners will have the opportunity to enroll land into Carbonland Trust’s conservation easement without upfront cost and burdens that exist in the market now. With an approach of regenerative stewardship principles of conserved forest land, Carbon Removal Credits from Carbonland Trust will have the highest quality co-benefits known in the voluntary carbon market. 

The first private landowner to use the platform was the founder, he developed the idea and project after realizing how hard it was for landowners especially those with less than thousands of acres to get access to the voluntary carbon market and protect trees. His goal is to enable any private landowner with acreage with trees to earn more from selling carbon removal credits from those trees than they would get from cutting them down. 

The second project, Carbonland DAO, is a revolutionary approach to crowdfunding forest conservation with others, and creates opportunities for people to spend time in nature with friends and family. Carbonland DAO will leverages the Carbonland Trust protocol just like other landowners that want to take part in the voluntary carbon markets. Carbonland DAO will raise funding through the sale of its governance tokens and use the funds to buy forest land to add to the DAO holdings. Then enroll that land into the Carbonland Trust conservation protocol. This provides sustainable revenue for Carbonland DAO to maintain properties owned and continue to increase the forest land holdings as each property produces carbon removal credits which generate revenue to support conservation efforts.

As a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, Carbonland DAO governance tokens enable their holders to vote where the DAO acquires forest land. And gives the holder the chance to win all inclusive trips to those protected forest lands. “With this approach we will be able to rapidly increase forest-acquisition of the DAO and will soon own more acreage than Bill Gates in the USA (270,000 acres) as a community,” adds Andrew Sousa who leads business development. Carbonland DAO governance tokens will empower those passionate about climate and protecting nature to help create and protect old growth forests for future generations. 

Through the conservation smart contract provided by Carbonland Trust, Blockchain Laboratories will soon have finalized a universal onboarding process for any private landowner to enroll their forestry acreage in to the Carbonland Trust conservation protocol and earn more money protecting trees than they would get from cutting them down. Visit: CarbonlandTrust.com to learn more about enrolling your land, or if your business is trying to reach carbon neutral status find out about getting the most impact carbon credits. Or join the CarbonlandDAO.com community to help protect and conserve forest lands you can enjoy visiting!


They have a matching grant on Gitcoin now visit to find out more!







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