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IPX - PlayDapp MOU will be signed, and the character I made will be able to trade IP NFT.

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IPX - PlayDapp MOU will be signed, and the character I made will be able to trade IP NFT.


MOU between IPX, a digital IP platform company, and PlayDapp, a blockchain service platform, announced that it will launch a full-fledged digital IP entertainment business based on Metaverse and NFT, focusing on IPX's digital IP generation platform, FRENZ.

In May 2022, NFT Marketplace will allow anyone to NFT and trade their own character IP through the IP generation platform "FRENZ." In addition, it is said that users are preparing to link their character IP with the blockchain game that PlayDapp is serving.

PlayDapp, which is known as a blockchain service platform, is a DApp game portal that releases multi-homing games that allow users to move and enjoy various platforms such as “CryptoDozer” and “Along with the Gods” based on blockchain technology and provides NFT marketplace services. It is also listed on global exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and Bitrex.


IPX is moving to promote metaverse and NFT businesses in earnest by changing its name from Line Friends. Line Friends' IP has reached about 1 trillion won in 2021 and is gradually increasing. The mission change is aimed at establishing a company's identity for a digital virtual IP-oriented business transition beyond offline-oriented retail business, and the name IPX contains the meaning of special experiences such as providing various IPs and unforgettable gifts.


Based on IP3.0 era in which anyone can create, own, and share character IPs, and blockchain know-how accumulated so far, PlayDapp has shown its willingness to speed up NFT popularization through various collaborations with IPX by creating a new digital IP ecosystem with FRENZ platform. As the two companies have excellent technology and global character IP, this MOU is expected to proceed successfully.

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