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Start: 03/01/2022


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PhoenixEarn is a very promising investment company with a team of experienced financiers and professional traders. We trade Bitcoin and altcoins on the world's largest trading platforms. Trading cryptocurrencies enables us to go long or short to take advantage of price movements in either direction, opening up a world of possibilities. And a trading strategy is a great way of making the most of those possibilities. They help us identify worthwhile opportunities, and enter and exit trades at the right moment. Our company is able to consistently generate a high percentage of profits due to the use of medium-term and long-term trading strategies. Using the Swing and Position trading strategies, we create the most comfortable conditions to implementation of our investment obligations to our clients in full.

Swing trading is about trading short-term legs of longer-term trends. This trading style focuses on the price oscillations within a trend, aiming to make the most of market volatility by trading moves in both directions as a trend develops. This opens up more opportunities for profit. The Swing trading strategy requires an understanding of technical indicators and the factors that move markets. Our traders use price charts and technical indicators (such as Moving averages, Relative strength index and Stochastic oscillator) to identify potential swings in a market, and profitable entry and exit points.

Position trading is a strategy where our traders aspire to capitalize on strong pricing trends through entering and remaining present in a market for an extensive term. The average time frames for holding positions can be measured in weeks to months. For this reason, we generally place far fewer trades as position traders than in swing trading. Our traders use technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or a combination of both to make trading decisions. They also rely on macroeconomic factors, general market trends and historical patterns to select investments which they believe will achieve their desired outcome.

Today, PhoenixEarn is pleased to offer the best cooperation scheme for anyone, regardless of the level of knowledge and understanding of trading processes. We are oriented on the broad audience of potential investors from all around the world and that.s why the actions that the investor has to make in order to get profit are quite simple. Rest assured, making money with phoenixearn is easy!

$5 - 100
7% for 20 days
Total Profit 140%
Referral Commission 4% 2% 1%

$101 - 500
7,5% for 20 days
Total Profit 150%
Referral Commission 5% 2% 1%

$501 - 5000
8% for 20 days
Total Profit 160%
Referral Commission 6% 2% 1%

$5001 +
9% for 20 days
Total Profit 180%
Referral Commission 7% 2% 1%

Referral Commission:
4-7% 2% 1%

Payment Processors:

Minimum Deposit:

DDOS Protection
Custom script
Unique Design

Our deposit:
BTC amount: +0.00106881 BTC
Hash: 8f3aafe84abee2800adcf053fe2e5b28c4a0bef32ac314e9ac397b7baa66b28e
Date: 2022-01-04 10:39

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