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Investment Plans: 101.5% After 1 Day (Principal Included), 0.07% Hourly/1.68% Daily for 30 Days (Principal Return), 2.2% Daily for 25 Days (Principal Return), 2.5% Daily for 60 Days (Principal Return), 1100% After 90 Days (Principal Included) & 600% After 45 Days (Principal Included)

Min Spend - $50

Min Withdrawal - $1 PerfectMoney & 10$ BTC

Payment Processors - PerfectMoney BitCoin & Ethereum

Referral Commission - 3 Levels - 3%, 1% & 1%

Representative Commission - 3 Levels - 7%, 1% & 1%

Withdrawal Type - Manual

About Us:

BRI Company was incorporated as BRI (UK) Limited in early 2000 by private investors as business initiative for establishing a network of short-term high-interest loans companies around the world. Mr. John Warburton was assigned to perform and develop a sector of loans companies. Since 2000 he succeeded to establish a network of successful loan companies in 72 countries so far.

Bright Right Investments (BRI) is an online investment platform of BRI (UK) Limited. Since the launch of BRI online platform in late 2019 the company is presenting itself as a strong solid player with a verified market strategy. Reputation is of most value for BRI team and its motto is to use proven and adaptive diversification in financial policies based on long-term and reliable investment strategies.

BRI team & management

Nowadays BRI team is big international family managed by the three CEOs and consisted of more than 220 employees working in the Headquarters Offices located in three different cities around the world.

As well as over 55,000+ employees in all subsidiaries and partner companies worldwide:

Online Trade Direction Office - New York, USA;
Mobile ADS and Dev Office - Hangzhou, China;
Loans Sector Office - Rotterdam, Netherlands.
But everything started when the BRI founding investors aimed to broaden the company bearing in mind the necessity of future development and diversification of business. And in 2013, BRI (UK) Limited hired a development team to automate processes between the three areas and created a unified closed investment management platform. This was a tool for internal use only at that time.

Lorn Linden, CEO, Online Finance Investments Department
Mr. Lorn Linden joined BRI (UK) Limited in 2008 and is actively developing the online trading sector for stocks, currencies, and cryptocurrencies.

As CEO and Head of Online Finance Investments Department, Lorn offers a unique vision on markets to both institutional and fund management clients, ensuring his best-in-class research. He began his career in 2000 as an investment bank employee. Between 2000 and 2008, Lorn held various positions within several banks in Northern Europe, while his last position was the Head of Online Trading Division in Benelux region. In 2008, he was appointed CEO of BRI UK Limited. Lorn holds a BBA and an MBA degrees in stock markets research.

His main achievement is sustainable investing in international currencies and cryptocurrencies and development of the unique BRI tools, ensuring instant track the leaps of e-currencies rates and the best offers for their exchange in a non-stop mode.

Amy Zhang, CTO, Applications Development and Advertisement Department
Ms. Amy Zhang became a part of BRI (UK) Limited in late 2010 and is the main promoter for the mobile advertising and app development sector in the firm.

As CTO and Head of Apps Development and Ad Department, Amy in partnership with the company’s founders identified the opportunities and risks of delivering the BRI services as an E-commerce business, which included identification of competitive services, apps, opportunities for innovation, and assessment of marketplace obstacles and technical burdens to the business success. Amy also communicates the BRI technology strategy to the investors, management, staff, partners, customers, and stakeholders. Her background includes BS in mobile apps development and more than 10 years experience in the Information Technology arena, also at management and strategic expertise level. She has MS in IT field.

Amy strongly believes that investing in mobile and web app development and advertisement is essential for the growth of any serious business.

John Warburton, BRI (UK) Limited Director, VP Loans Department
Being in service for BRI (UK) Limited since 2000, Mr. Jonh Warburton manages and directs all aspects of BRI loan servicing functions. He plans and directs policies, objectives and initiatives of BRI. As the VP Loans Department Director John evaluates all loans to ensure compliance with BRI policies and processes.

In this role, he provides technical management and performance monitoring of BRI’s $30 billion investment portfolio of projects. John also oversees the technology evaluations of new applications submitted under open solicitations.

Mr. Warburton has over 30 years of diverse technical and leadership experience, serving as a senior executive and chief director in both the private and government sectors. Prior to joining BRI, Mr. Warburton was the Vice Director of Loans for numerous investment consulting companies. He also earned his BS in Economics from Royal Holloway, University of London.

John’s job is to diversify online investments made via BRI online platform by supporting and developing the network of offline short-term high-interest loans or peer-to-peer loans and thus to ensure better liquidity and provides higher interests for BRI clients.

BRI roadmap
The main IDEA of the BRI online platform is - Diversify It! That is why we are investing and are developing our business in three different fast-growing areas. It is equally important to ensuring the safety of investments of our partners.

The main MISSION of the platform is - to make the safe investments available to any online investor with any minimum amount.

JAN 2013 - JUN 2016 - Status: COMPLETED
In 2013, BRI (UK) Limited hired a development team to automate processes between the three areas and create a unified online investment management platform. This was a tool for internal use only at that time.
After two years of testing, in 2016, it was made a fateful decision to establish an open online investment platform that would be accessible for use to all investors. The purpose of the platform was to increase the profit at the expense of private investors donations as the payment for the participation in the platform.
Today the BRI platform family consists of more than 220 employees working in the Headquarters Offices located in three different cities around the world. As well as over 55,000+ employees in all subsidiaries and partner companies worldwide.

JUL 2016 - JAN 2019 - Status: COMPLETED
All closed beta tests were finalized during 2016, within 2017-2018 operational trials commenced, and starting from January 2019 BRI platform was released online.
Since then, more than 100,000 private investors have successfully invested their shares in the platform and started to earn revenues.

FEB 2019 - DEC 2021 - Status: IN PROGRESS NOW
Open online BRI platform ready and released. BRI financial programs developed and are working for BRI clients.

JAN - DEC 2022 - Status: IN PLAN
Convenient applications for Android and iOS are also under development to be released soon.

Phase 5 – GLOBAL IPO
JAN - DEC 2023 - Status: IN PLAN
In 2023 BRI platform plans to release IPOs shares.
BRI platform also acts as a large private investor for a number of projects.
In case you have something to offer – feel free to contact us and email your ideas to us.

BRI for private investors

BRI team has a fundamental economic education, long-term experience in the stock markets and the required qualifications. Many years of experience of BRI specialists together with modern monitoring technologies are the main secret of the company's success.

BRI is open for both investors and partners.

BRI financial programs are time-proven to be stable and will provide huge earning possibilities to BRI clients. BRI platform skilled traders act on every signal to maximize the trading profits and earn great returns for BRI clients.

Currently, four unique financial programs are available to BRI clients. Thanks to a well-built strategy, BRI team offers almost the best conditions in the online investment market, while ensuring the safety of investors' investments.

BRI for corporate investors

BRI partners may become BRI corporate investors and could benefit from special conditions under BRI Partnership financial programs:
1. Standard partnership referral program of 3%-1%-1% gradation.
2. Special representative referral program of 7%-1%-1% gradation.
3. Partnership conditions apply to investors who underwrite USD 100k and more and they are subject to the personal financial advisors and other special services.
4. BRI team is also developing the original insurance policy for its corporate investors in cooperation with leading players in crypto market.

Bright Right Investments (BRI) is an online investment platform of the international company BRI (UK) Limited. Company Number: 04130230. Please follow this link https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/04130230 to get more information about BRI.

Plans Details:

101.5% After 1 Day (Principal Included)

Minimum Deposit: $50
Maximum Deposit: $500

0.07% Hourly/1.68% Daily for 30 Days (Principal Return)
Minimum Deposit: $50
Maximum Deposit: $1000

2.2% Daily for 25 Days (Principal Return)
Minimum Deposit: $1000
Maximum Deposit: $2500

2.5% Daily for 60 Days (Principal Return)
Minimum Deposit: $10000
Maximum Deposit: $100000

1100% After 90 Days (Principal Included)
Minimum Deposit: $250
Maximum Deposit: $7500

600% After 45 Days (Principal Included)
Minimum Deposit: $1500
Maximum Deposit: $100000

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I saw this program before but it was a sleeper so i didn't went on
I recently also had a look and they have a changed design since years and this proves to be a very good opportunity for us to gain some good profits
I am very fortunate to have found this and decided to invest $2000 in the 3rd plan
Will update soon regarding payments :)

NEW Deposit batch - 

The amount of 2000 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U5677***->U24032841. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to BRI platform User heatstreak.. Date: 10:24 06.08.21. Batch: 410671731

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