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Investment Plans: 0.8% to 1.8% Daily for 30 to 90 Business Days (Principal Return)

Account balance store bonus: 10% Yearly

Min Spend - $50

Min Withdrawal - ($1 for BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH & XRP), ($10 for TetherERC-20 & TetherTRC-20)

Withdrawal Fees: - ($1 for Doge, LTC, BCH & XRP), (No fees for BTC, ETH & TetherTRC-20), (2.5% for Visa/MasterCard Singapore),

Payment Processors - BitCoin, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, TetherERC-20, TetherTRC-20, SHIB, Visa & Mastercard

Referral Commission - 3 Levels - 9%, 3% & 1%

Withdrawal Type - Manual

About Us:

Eastar Capital built the world's scale company which offers to businesses and investors wide range of solutions

Strong Innovative Young Business
Eastar Capital delivers efficiency in innovative markets using own program solutions in a continuous trading process.

In June 2020, uniting a group of ambitious shareholders, Eastar leaders invested in the future, leveraging the power of a group of Singaporean Developers to profit from trading operations in global markets.

PDF Presentation: https://eastar-capital.com/pdf/eastar-intro-presentation.pdf

Eastar Capital Integrates Its Software With The World's Leading Liquidity Providers

Ready Business Model
Eastar Capital has a stake in the working business using ready-made solutions

Global Assets Access
We are participating in all major global markets thanks to wide range of partners

General fund for investors
Uniting small investments to achieve big goals

Software for Business
Turnkey solutions for business in the financial industry

Automated trading algorithms
Based on analysis of millions of transactions

Investor solutions
Trust capital management to world leaders

Thriving ecosystem
Successful software solutions for investors and businesses

Leverages the knowledge of world-class developers to improve people's lives

Our unique software is designed to empower businesses by increasing the capital of trading companies using blockchain technologies, while improving our automated trading algorithms.

Eastar Capital was officially registered as Eastar Capital Management Private Limited with the EUN number 202017694G. Please follow this link https://eastar-capital.com/pdf/Certificate-confirming-Incorporation-of-company.pdf to get more information about Eastar Capital.

Plans Details:

0.8% Daily for 30 Business Days (Principal Return)

Minimum Deposit: $50
Maximum Deposit: $1000

1.2% Daily for 50 Business Days (Principal Return)
Minimum Deposit: $1000
Maximum Deposit: $5000

1.5% Daily for 70 Business Days (Principal Return)
Minimum Deposit: $5000
Maximum Deposit: $20000

1.8% Daily for 90 Business Days (Principal Return)
Minimum Deposit: $20000
Maximum Deposit: $300000

Account balance store bonus: 10% Yearly

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I stumbled upon this program in a coin website where there were ads
It's my lucky self to have found such a good mid-long term program
I decided to invest $300 in here and especially in the fiat sections as the crypto section can have different profits based on the daily crypto rotations in terms of the market
I also received my withdrawal paid fast :)

Payment batch - 

0.15 LTC
2021-08-02 18:34:18

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Withdrawals are paid really fast
I receive my withdrawal within a few minutes always and its so amazing
I love it to be honest and its running very well :)

Payment batch - 

0.00012901 BTC
2021-08-04 20:35

0.00011297 BTC
2021-08-07 16:19

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  • 2 weeks later...

Program has been paying always fast
This has been prepared very well too
My daily withdrawals are proving to be profitable :)

Payment batch - 

0.00005350 BTC
2021-08-09 19:50

0.00005303 BTC
2021-08-10 17:26

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They have updated their website dashboard and it looks so much different and good now
Payments here are received very fast as if they are instant always
The program officials are constantly working on new developments as well which is an added advantage to we as members
Withdrawals paid once again swiftly :)

Payment batch - 

0.09774576 LTC
2021-08-18 18:46:20

0.00009990 BTC
2021-08-21 02:43

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Nice earnings from this super solid project
Withdrawals are often paid to me as if its instant and I love it here
My earnings are increasing day by day and its a good opportunity I have stricked on :)

Payment batch - 

0.00014995 BTC
2021-08-25 21:53

0.029 LTC
2021-08-27 12:26:28

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Withdrawals are always paid really fast 
I receive mine always within a few seconds of request
This is a nice stable platform and running very well :)

Payment batch - 

0.00014144 BTC
2021-09-06 06:07

0.00005368 BTC
2021-09-08 07:06

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