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There is an ongoing shortlink contest that starts from the 1st of every month and ends on the 30th of every month. The shortlink contest generates 3 main sources of income for you and makes you rich. 3 Sources of income include:
1. Make money from shortlink: Each day there are from 53 to 60 shortlinks, each shortlink generates income from 4 to 10 satoshi. 53 shortlinks per day, if you click fully you will have an income of 287 Satoshi.
2. Earn money from shortlink click achievements: This is a reward for you if you click a lot of shortlinks. For every certain level that you complete 50, 250, 500, 1000 shortlinks ... go to the achievements page to receive your reward. This bonus is open to all members. Any member who clicks enough shortlinks will receive the corresponding reward.
For example: If you clicked all 53 shortlinks today, go to ACHIEVEMENTS for Claim to receive the reward. If you click all 250 shortlinks 2 days later, go to get the reward. (picture below)

3. Make money from the prize of the most shortlink click:
This is a contest that requires you to actively click shortlinks every day to win the top prize. You have to be diligent every day, not miss a day and any shortlink. That way you will win the first prize of the contest. The prize pool for the first place prize is 50,000 satoshi and is automatically paid into your main account on the 1st of every month.
There are 50 shortlinks per day, each shortlink corresponding to 01 point. If you click all 50 shortlinks you will get 56 points. If in a month you click continuously for 30 days you will get 1680 to 1720 points. If you miss any shortlink, you will be a loser and receive lower reward. In the table below you will show you the members who are actively working every day, every hour to win the top prize.
The table above shows that the osher member on the 1st and 2nd of September 2020 has clicked 115 points and led the chart, just 5 points higher than member michalich1. If the osher member only needs to miss 1 shortlink or take a day off of inactivity, he will rank in the last place or there will be no awards.
This is the reward for the winning members of the previous month (August 2020).
So, this race does not allow you to miss a date or a shortlink. If you want to rank first you should click on the shortlink early in the morning when the server clock turns 00:00, and click all the shortlinks (You can see the server clock in the upper left of the home page). From 11am to 12 noon, 1 to 2 shortlinks will appear, you should quickly Click it so your score is always ranked at the highest position.

Calculate the amount of money you receive from Click Shortlink each month
1. Click 50 Shortlinks per day (287 satoshi)
             287 x 30 days = 8,610 satoshi
2. Receive monthly achievement rewards:
         50 Shortlinks per day x 30 days = 1,500 shortlinks
According to the table above you will get:
                     50 + 215 + 325 + 835 = 1,425 satoshi
3. Receive Shortlink Award:
If you are the leader in the competition, ranking # 1 then you will receive 50,000 satoshi reward. Thus, your total prize from shortlink click will be:
          8,610 + 1,425 + 50,000 = 60,035 satoshi
If you rank # 2, # 3, # 4… or below you will receive the corresponding lower prize.
If you are not ranked in any of the top 15 winners you will only get the click shortlink and the achievement reward: 8,610+ 1,425 = 10,035 satoshi.
Similar to the Click Shortlink contest, the hourly Click Faucet achievements will increase your Lever and the Tap rewards will increase exponentially with your Lever. Please do more research.
General review: Grabtc is the coolest and free bitcoin earning site I've never met before. It brings a lot of income with many attractive rewards that make players eager, excited and determined to have the highest income. This site has a minimum withdrawal of 5,000 satoshi via FaucetPay wallet and quick payments should give members the peace of mind to withdraw their income the fastest.
So if you do not have a Grabtc account, you should register now and your wallet account here.

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