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Investment Plans: 1% Daily for 20 Business Days (Principal Return)

Min Spend - $10, 0.005 Btc

Min Withdrawal - $0.1, 0.0001 Btc

Payment Processors - Perfectmoney & Bitcoin

Referral Commission - 1%

Withdrawal Type - Manual

About Us:


The game with the name ‘Poker’ appeared 450 years ago in Europe. Gradually, it spread around the world. At the moment, poker is the most popular card game in the United States.

In the United States each year about 70 million cards are bought to play poker.
About 50 million Americans play poker online or offline.
Also poker is very popular in many countries. The combination of luck, sensible calculation, behavioral psychology and knowledge attracts millions of people around the world to poker.

There are about 150 varieties of poker.
Poker tournaments attract thousands of the most successful players and are broadcast around the world, attracting millions of viewers and fans of this game. One of the reasons of the big popularity of poker tournaments is the huge prize funds of the most popular tournaments and very high winnings.

Poker takes the third place in terms of the number of viewers on TV. The first and second places take football and rally.
The biggest win at the World Series of Poker, a kind of poker world championship, was $18 million.
The opportunity to get big winnings attracts players from all over the world to tournaments.

Poker is a great opportunity to show the world not only the luck of participant, but also his knowledge of the game, psychology, show stress resistance and persistence in achieving the goals. Only the best players win in poker.

We make money by playing poker
Bonniepays makes money by playing poker. The appear of Internet has made poker more popular and accessible to various categories of people. But poker is a game of professionals and Internet has provided more opportunities for professionals to make a profit.

Poker tournaments are held not only offline, but also online. Holding online tournaments their organizers reduce the costs, and therefore increases the prize funds. It attracts more players to poker and makes online poker more popular. Attraction of experienced players to one team allows us to increase our profits by participating in the largest and most popular poker tournaments. Also it allows us to pay a large buy-in fee, which forms the prize fund of poker tournaments.

Our main activities are carried out on PokerStars and 888Poker platforms, as well as in some iPoker rooms. The experience gained by our team members in participating in poker tournaments allows us to expand our capabilities and increase the tournament buy in.

To get even more profit and participate in more tournaments with a high prize fund, we have created an investment program. The funds received from investors allow us to participate in the most popular and prestigious poker tournaments with a high prize fund and increase our income. This makes it possible to offer our investors the most favorable investment conditions.

Invest in the Bonniepays investment program to earn more profit. We earn money by participating in poker tournaments and winning in them and give our investors the opportunity to earn money too.

By promoting Bonniepays, you will earn more profit.

Plans Details:

1% Daily for 20 Business Days (Principal Return)

Minimum Deposit: $10, 0.005 Btc
Maximum Deposit: $500, 0.05 Btc

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I joined this program on day 1 and invested as it looks very fresh and the concept is very familiar.
We still do not know who is behind it but the rumors are good, i got to tell you that
I invested but i didn't share it because i wanted to wait before one cycle ends so i can share out saying its a good one
Today i feel is the right day to do so :)

NEW Deposit batch - 

0.05 BTC
2020-06-01 21:00

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I received my first withdrawal from the program
Project is a semi sleeper for sure with such plans and design
My investment will prove to be very beneficial :)

Payment batch - 

0.0005 BTC
2020-06-05 16:18

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Program is a semi-sleeper and paying well
I am in here since day 1 and soon planning to add a new investment as well :)
Withdrawals are paid in a timely manner always

Payment batch - 

0.001 BTC
2020-06-13 14:06

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Very good semi-sleeper
I am enjoying my daily profits from the program and my withdrawals are paid in a timely manner as well and give good stable returns :)

Payment batch - 

0.002 BTC
2020-06-19 16:1

0.001 BTC
2020-06-20 17:35

0.001549 BTC
2020-06-26 02:2

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