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Doge Trade Limited - doge.trade

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I Am Not Admin/Owner Of  The Project! !!!

Online Date : 2020-03-22
Investment Plans: 5.83-9.35% daily for 24 days - 250-300% after 20 days

Bonus Free Plan : 2 Doge Daily

Min Spend :   1000 Doge

Referral Commission : 8%

Withdrawal Type Instant    
Licensed Script

DDoS Protection by DDOS-Guard

Accpet Payment :   Doge.

About Project :

We trade with passion and commitment

Doge.Trade system offers settlements in Dogecoin regardless of exchange rate fluctuations. You can use just only with Dogecoin to make a deposit. Our traders trade every day on major platforms such as Binance, Huobi, Bkex. In order to diversify, we also deal with arbitration using various cryptocurrency exchange platforms.
Let's Growing up togethers


Refback :  http://invest-analysis.org/?a=details&lid=2263

Check status :



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Payments, thanks admin!

8.91 USD: https://blockchair.com/dogecoin/transaction/ee464dc20f992752cc906a9fa9cb04df7f8f8f5747d5acc701e388a5a4a72779 1.86 USD: https://blockchair.com/dogecoin/transaction/cf50118acdcb75a7988bd3279c1402c52241844633ec8fd7b99816bc25043088

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Payments, thanks admin!

2.22 USD: https://blockchair.com/dogecoin/transaction/31759b66d1eabc4348ec689682188499815b134b623c45a5acef224c28680a52 1.50 USD: https://blockchair.com/dogecoin/transaction/6720a0377ed84d69c80244779a532a935ecd4000f79176f0709558196a430704

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