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Start of the project: 03/14/2020

I am not an admin or a project owner.

The topic is designed to inform and is not a call to action. All information is taken from the project site.


Project Legend:

We are those who believe in the viability of the Hodle trend, which means that we are convinced that someday all existing crypto, especially Bitcoin, will increase in value. That's why our team did everything possible to use the current market situation and exchange rate volatility, to accumulate as many cryptofiles as possible and invest them in the most profitable assets, bringing numerous money in the pocket of us and our investors.

Project Marketing:


Working day 15%
Weekend 15%
Period 1 week
Total interest 105%
Hourly accrual 24 hours
Automatic payouts

Working day 10%
Weekend 3%
2 weeks period
Total interest 112%
Hourly accrual 24 hours
Automatic payouts

Working day 7%
Weekend 3%
3 weeks period
Total percent 123%
Hourly accrual 24 hours
Automatic payouts

Working day 6%
Weekend 2%
4 weeks period
Total interest 136%
Hourly accrual 24 hours
Automatic payouts

-Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin
-Minimum deposit amount: 3$
-Affiliate program: 3%-2%-1%
-Script: Undefined
-Hosting: Cloudflare
-SSL: CloudFlare Inc ECC CA-2 valid from 17 Feb, 2020 to 09 Oct, 2020 - CloudFlare, Inc.
-Perfect Money: U22958266 (no matches found)

-Telegram chat: @BitCharisma

- info@bitcharisma.com
- support@bitcharisma.com
- admin@bitcharisma.com

Our deposit:
03.15.20 04:09    Account    Transfer    -100.00    Sent Payment: 100.00 USD to account U22958266 from U16937730. Batch: 307187449. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Order 316.

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