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Discover new releases! It is an application designed to discover new games and keep up to date with the latest releases, from famous games to indie games that you will only find in our application. You can find upcoming games for all platforms including Android, iOS, Play Station PS, Xbox, Nintendo, Wii. Save your favorite games, rate them, help more players play them. Discover which the best rated games are.

Full Features List

  1. New Releases: Be the first to access all new releases from your favorite platforms.
  2. Details of all games: Access detailed information of each of the games such as: description, videos, and images.
  3. Rate them: You can rate if you like a game or not, it helps your favorite games reach the best qualified!
  4. Save your favorites: Save a list of games that interest you.
  5. Top rated games: Access a list of top rated games, and discover great games recommended by the community
  6. Filter games: Filter games by platform or by genre.

Download it now! The latest games: Discover new releases! Free on Play and App Store!

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This is a great app, where I learned about the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and its free mode, which I now often play. I also learned about many changes in games such as League of Legends. This is a great solution to figure out when players will return to the game, due to new updates, or what to play. I even used the league of legends boosting solution to quickly get back to the desired League of Legends rank

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