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Australia VPS web hosting services?


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Good day,
I want to know about the quality of Vpsblocks.com.au Australia VPS web hosting services.
My budget is $35/mo. 130 gbs - HD, 2 GB - RAM, 3 TB - Bandwidth
I am planning to host my huge traffic web site at cheap VPS hosting account.
Where can I read customer hosting reviews about them?

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I was happy to use the coupon: XMAS and got 20% off payments forever on new VPS orders. Valid until January 1 2020.

I've had a few, since I'm a total beginner at this, and we are in a time zone at least 8 hours different from Vpsblocks.com.au provider. But the answers were there quick as lightning, every time. Reasonable price, reliable service and good tech support - its a trifecta!


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I can't possibly rave about them more. I've always been frustrated by hosting in the past. Not with Vpsblocks.com.au Australian web hosting service. They've helped me more than I even thought I needed it and installing apps on my page is as simple as clicking a button in their awesome admin page. Recommend these professionals.

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I used the code: 80OFF and got 80% off first monthly payment.

In my web hosting with Vpsblocks.com.au provider, I also learned that the hosting panel which they use is very good one and they have learned it well to make users understand pros and cons of things which we have to do every day. I don’t have any complaint against them.

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On average, how much traffic do you expect each month?


Vpsblocks.com.au is an excellent host. I work as a professional web developer and have found them to be a web host far above all others. Good Points:
1) Plenty of bandwidth & disk space. Far more than we've used.
2) Support respond quite quickly - usually within 3 hours (daytime).
3) Support are helpful when they can be, as long as they understand the problem.

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