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  1. In addition to HostingWalay.pk great customer service, you get plenty options, plenty of space and usage and at a great value. Take an opportunity to save money via their New Year's Special upto 45% off the price!
  2. Try GTHost.com - The instant servers are fully-redundant, flexible and scalable, there is no downtime on them. Technicians are skillful and qualified.
  3. Good service. I use the site to run my business and check e-mail on it everyday, and XXIwebhosting.com network performance is about as fast as any of the other services out there, but for about half the price. One of the best place to get thai dedicated server solutions at reasonable rates.
  4. Take a look at Rightservers.com Canadian VPS. It provides industry-leading managed solutions with personalized customer service and support.
  5. Well, I'd also recommend you to consider Hosting022.com website hosting solutions. Excellent service, very friendly and knowledgeable. Four other sites I tried kept crashing, but this one has been great! Help via AOL IM, almost instantaneous, no problems.
  6. I'll most definitely be giving kvchosting.net my business for a long time. They have fantastic prices on their hosting packages, their tech support is friendly and reliable, and the features available in the user control panel are nothing short of unbelievable.
  7. I want to make Hostforweb.com web host all cookies! My website is up and running and I love it! I love the respect, honesty, and bending over backwards they have done for me during the move and setting up everything.
  8. Guys, advise the simplest hosting possible (preferably with a script) for a small online store. The most important thing is that there should be payment buttons and communication with the seller (that is, with me), and of course that the price should be inexpensive. Do you know anything about HostingWalay.pk ecommerce hosting? Are they good for running e-shops? Alternatives? They're offering New Year's Hosting Special - upto 45% off the price now.
  9. I'm extremely happy with QHoster.com server hosting and doubt I will go anywhere else for my hosting needs. Setup was fast and easy. Hosting Package prices also amazed me. Features fit my needs perfectly. Over 30 server locations to choose from.
  10. If you want excellent, prompt customer service for a very reasonable annual fee, then I wholeheartedly recommend cloudarion.com solutions. I have asked plenty of silly questions and they have never failed to come back to me almost immediately at all hours of the day and night with a courteous helpful reply.
  11. As a recent customer of Rightservers.com solutions I cannot recommend them more. When your own business depends so much on the service of a third party it's good to know you're on to winner.
  12. Servers are great too. Like NetShop-isp.com.cy features, tools and pricing. All in all, fully recommended, no question! The admin panel is a breeze to use and their support is second to none. I look forward to many years working with them.
  13. I'd like to share my experience dealing with hostforweb.com web host.. No hidden fees or surprises, very reliable service. This host seems to be geared towards the professional web designer, but they were still friendly and helpful to a novice such as myself.
  14. Apart from storing your site, what services will you need from your hosting provider? I have instant server with GTHost.com web host. I have no outages..17 locations to choose from. Pricing is excellent and almost everything was ok for the last 6 months. their tech support people are courteous and prompt and informative.
  15. The interface is easy to use and suitable for beginners. I feel fortunate to have found cloudarion.com and recommend their SSD VPS highly. If you are looking for a top-notch host that will listen to the customer, GO WITH them.
  16. Good web host with reliable support! Well, NetShop ISP cheap web hosting has been nothing but superb. They were answered so quickly that it almost seemed to be a chat session. The team has high integrity and they value each customer.
  17. I've tried several web hosting providers but none of them beat datapacket.net dedicated hosting. This is a straight-forward, easy to use service company. Tech support is quick and reliable. Their support team has never taken more than twenty minutes to respond with solutions to my difficulties and they are always right on the nose.
  18. As for their technical support department, they are great, great, great - the best and they seem to be pretty well-experienced and knowledgeable for it. Can say that Rightservers.com VPS hosting service is the best I have ever used before.
  19. I have been a client of kvchosting.net web host for over a year now and would like to say that I am happy for getting better then ever uptime and speed connectivity. The host states 99.9% uptime and so far I haven’t seen any - so this is a very good sign. Easy setup in control panel as well, and an excellent price.
  20. Perhaps most importantly, this host seems to really care about your business, is always friendly and easy to communicate with. I really love the control panel software they use. I recommend NetShop-isp.com.cy solutions 100%!
  21. Just my 2 cents... Cloudarion.com SSD VPS is fast and professional. Recommended.
  22. No hidden fees or surprises, very reliable service. Highly recommend QHoster.com dedicated server hosting service. Support is fast, efficient, friendly and understandable even for technical twits like I am!
  23. I can say something about the people - the owner of the host and the members of their support team and nice gentlemen and very friendly. Well, Hostnamaste.com has been the perfect web host for me. Very reliable Budget Dedicated Server web host and fast friendly technical support.
  24. I have no technical knowledge therefore can not say anything about hosting022.com Serbia servers, network. It's no use having super cheap hosting if no one is there to help you when it goes wrong. All I can say is that this provider is great host!
  25. Can also add that Hostforweb.com would be worth trying. Fantastic host. Very prompt and thorough. I can't imagine being happier with a hosting service.
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