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Start: September, 3 2019




Robotics.Online LLC is an American company whose owner-managed team has set the task of putting together a state-of-the-art investment portfolio with extremely lucrative returns.

Trend-setting and with the most advanced investment methods, we invest in a combination of cryptocurrencies, professional ICOs, promising startups, and also in the field of "Robotics" - our core competence. We are all already in the middle of the age of digitization and process automation. This revolutionary era offers fantastic prospects for us as an investment company, and for you as an investor. It is precisely here that we build and invest in reliable companies in this industry to generate high but steady returns, pushing the world a little faster into the future.

Our state-of-the-art investment firm is a US-based company. Naming our company, we see our core competence in the subject "Robotics" and everything that goes with it.

We are committed to the revolutionary era of digitization and experience and drive process automation together with you to achieve high quality and generate stable returns through the most advanced investment methods. We rely on a mix of cryptocurrency, new ICOs, promising startups, and "Robotics."

Your capital in our offer of investment supports selected companies, which among other things promote the expansion of our fallow, as well as at the technical development around the topic of software for automated work, so that we can best support our companies where we own shares and be able to license this software to third party companies and trading partners.

Investment Plans:

9% daily for 12 business days 
Profit 108%


Min/Max deposit: 
50$ / unlimited

5% - 3% - 1%

Payment systems:  
Bitcoin , Ethereum , Litecoin 

Minimum Withdrawal:
Bitcoin / Ethereum / Litecoin = 10$

Withdrawal Fees:
Bitcoin = 4.00$
Ethereum = 0.50$
Litecoin = 0.50$

manual - up to 72 hours

custom script
Unique Design
Languages: english/german 

Registrar: Namecheap
Updated Date:  2019-02-15T10:12:52
Creation Date:  2018-02-15T05:33:03
Registry Expiry Date:  2020-02-15T23:59:59

My Invests:
2019-09-03 0.6 ETH Transaction 
2019-09-03 0.6 ETH Transaction
2019-09-20 0.41 ETH Transaction
2019-11-03 0.66 ETH Transaction

My Withdrawals:
2019-09-19 0.048 ETH Transaction 
2019-10-02 0.14 ETH Transaction
2019-10-18 0.69 ETH Transaction
2019-10-25 0.99 ETH Transaction

Link to view and register ==>>

728x90 - GIF - 108%.gif

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