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Akopium LTD - akopium.com

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I'm not the admin! :)


Investing here with my own money


Start: 01/09/2018


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("Allways Keep On Potency") - artificial intelligence of its own design with algorithms-trackers of stock signals. The long and hard work of high-class specialists in the field of financing, programming and exchange trading made a once-unknown developer company a progressive investment platform with an emphasis on the development and implementation of experimental IT technologies. The Akopium LTD teamspecializes in development and promotion of software for optimization and tuning of mining equipment, and also develops trading robots for trading on centralized crypto-exchange exchanges. The joint work of artificial intelligence "AKOP" and the team of traders brought the company Akopium LTD to a whole new level, excluding competition. In addition, the company has concluded a number of profitable deals for the supply of cheap energy for mining farms, which makes the production of crypto-currency much higher than usual for our time. The company plans to enter all world markets and increase its influence on the crypto-currency sphere right up to mastering the leading positions and issuing a number of its own crypto-currencies.




Akopium LTD is responsible for every customer, so it protects you and your money with a guarantee insurance fund.

Thanks to the insurance fund, our investors earn, being confident in the safety of their funds. In the exchange trade, a failure can not be ruled out, and a deal made by a trader may not be profitable because of market conditions, buyers or for any other reason.

The insurance fund of the company was created just in opposition to such situations.

According to the estimates of bank experts, the condition of the insurance guarantee fund as of September 1, 2018 is approx. 1,000,000 pounds sterling . All funds are allocated to separate assets for security and safety reasons.



!! Basic ($ 10- $ 100)

Daily profit percentage ranges from 0.7% to 0.9%

Deposit term: 365 days

Deposit refund: yes


! Advanced ($ 101- $ 1000) The

daily percentage ranges from 0.9% to 1.1%

Deposit term: 365 days.

Deposit refund: yes


! Premium ($ 1001- $ 10,000)

Daily interest varies from 1.1% to 1.25%

Deposit term: 365 days

Deposit refund: yes


! Deluxe ($ 10001- $ 100000)

Daily interest varies from 1.25% to 1.5%

Deposit term: 365 days.

Deposit refund: yes


! VIP ($ 100001- $ 1000000)

Daily interest varies from 1.5% to 1.7%

Deposit term: 365 days

Deposit refund: yes


Referral Commission:



Payment Processors:

Payeer, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, AdvCash


Minimum Deposit:



Minimum Withdrawal:




DDOS Protection


Custom script

Unique Design

Registered Company


Our deposit:

The amount of 40 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U1651590->U11626169. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. . Date: 16:50 02.09.18. Batch: 226979150.


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Date : 2018-09-03 15:13:04

From/To Account : U820153542848

Amount : 5.40

Currency : USD


Transaction Name : INNER_SYSTEM

Memo : Akopium

Payment ID : 59e5981d-2dee-49b8-8876-ea679cf81744

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26.09.18 20:47;Account;Receive;Received Payment 0.48 USD from account U11626169 to account U1294000. Batch: 229758296. Memo: API Payment.

25.09.18 21:46;Account;Receive;Received Payment 0.48 USD from account U11626169 to account U1294000. Batch: 229647814. Memo: API Payment.

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