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Google Panda

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In February 2011, Google gave birth to Panda to modify its working style in the search result ranking algorithm. The main purpose of the Panda according to its algorithm is to keep away low quality, low content sites from showing up on top of the ranking results and display those sites instead due to their actual quality. After this update, several of the websites that had huge amount of advertising or low quality content were shocked to see their site rank going down in the rankings. 

Main role of Panda is to check on-page problem of the website. Panda doesn’t look only for thin contents but whole content in websites where little or original or more duplicate contents are present, and then penalizes those sites. So if a website has a couple of pages having low quality content then Panda may penalize the entire domain, so improve the content or throw it away. Get away with spam content and use the content categorically with proper use of grammar.

Other role of Panda is to check the visibility of the content, crazy or un-friendly user designs irritates Panda and makes fine on you.

Checking broken links, pages have broken links too which Panda kicks a website down to ranking, so use tools like Xenu Tool to join all broken links. 

Meta descriptions and keywords do not match with the information given on the website, which Google then easily identifies these posts as duplicates, so manage the meta-descriptions and keywords correctly.

Google penalizes a website if there are too many ads being shown above the display norms, where so many ads make it difficult for a visitor to navigate their website. Google’s page layout algorithm can make a website suffer, if ad rules are not properly being followed and can also hit the chances of getting referral traffic on that website hard.


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