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Best Trading System , Renko Chase v2.2

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Greetings, earthlings! Here are my grades for the Amazing Forex trading System based on Renko Chart for Long terms trade , Daytrade or Scalping , the results were amazing indeed!, stable signal for trading with no noise or perturbation , one trade can make from 50 pips & Up to 1000 pips easy ! , A profitable trading system on renko chart called : " Renko chase " through the strategy i can say is better than trade on tick chart, i can make more profit with limited risk .


- Indicator Name : Renko Chase Trading System
- English Website : http://www.renkotrading.net
- Tutorial & Manual : Official Youtube Channel

  • No Risk Trading System: Trading based on Price Behavior

  • Normalized For M2 Offline Chart, Time Factor is not concerned

  • 100% No-Repainting Indicator, High accuracy signal Algorithm

  • Work For any Forex Pairs, Brent, WTI, Gold, Stocks & Index, CFDs...

  • Safe Trading Rules with Optimized version 2.2

  • With instant Pop-Up sound, Push and Email Notification.

The nice thing is trade based on price behavior or price action as defined by many, does not depend on time, as the chart renko movement only based on price movement, in other words renko candles (bars) formed if only the price moves, on the contrary, in the Candlestick chart a candles made up after the expiry of time based the Time-frame, where a candle formed every minute, or every 5 minutes with lengths and different sizes randomly, and from here highlights the spiral engage in analysis of the candle type: Hammer, Hammer, Morning Star ... and more fantasies and imaginary forms that break our concentration , especially novices who do not understand something in the technical analysis models of Chart Patterns, personally I do not have time to analyze and sit on my desk in the follow-up chart, moment by moment awaited a sign that may happen or may not be..

The system rules are fairly easy to understand and implement for Newbies trader , as it's of course very good for professional with a good understanding of basic technical indicators can make use of this simple yet profitable trading system , this system is NOT TimeFrame candlestick trading system , No chart patterns knowledge Required , knowledge of economic event & news Impact very desired.


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Aggressive Mode
This System is Commercial available on :
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