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Online gambling is illegal in the United States.


So SportsPlays made, a website where people can place bets on sporting events for free, but still win money.


The company gets its revenue from advertising.


You get free bets and still get to win real money you can withdraw.


After registering you are given $1 into your primary account, with which to bet.


Should your primary account reach $0 you will be given another $1 to get restarted.


When you reach $200 you can cashout.


You also have a bonus account, into which you can earn money by:

referring friends, 

watching videos, 

completing surveys 

playing sports trivia

posting in the forum

and more


Bonus funds can be used to place bets which are paid into your primary account.



A bet placed from primary account rewards the amount risked plus the winnings into your primary account.

A bet placed from your bonus account rewards only the winnings into your primary account.


Users can opt to subscribe to Sports Plays to enjoy an ad free experience. Get "Full Access" for as little as $0.27 a day.


Your accounts have a cap.

Primary account $500

Bonus account $200.


Once a cap is reached you will need to either cashout your primary account or bet with your bonus account before you can accrue more funds. But who's going to wait till the cap before cashing out or betting bonus funds?


Cashouts are Payable via: PayPal, Square Cash, and Dwolla.


Link with referral - Sports Plays

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