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Zenminer :Zenminer.com

zenminer zenminer reviews why zenminer

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ZenController Benefits

  1. Geolocation (Peace of mind): Easily locate your geographically dispersed ZenControllers.
  2. Real Time Alerts: You are in full control of your mining time with our Live notification system. If there is a power outage, low hash rate, or any other problem you will be alerted instantly through email, text or both!
  3. Pool Profiles (Optimize your favorite pools): Add all your favorite pools and put them in any order you like. Switching between a pool and a coin will soon be just 1 click away so you can maximize your mining time where you think is best.
  4. Overclocking: We like to max the juice on our miners too sometimes (it's in our blood!). So, we tweaked our software a bit to let you crank your hashing power by up to 10% for some models!
  5. Automatic Self Healing (Smart Miners): Take the frustration out of managing miner down time. Let our program optimize, automate, and monitor the health of your miner for you.
  6. Multi Pool Switching: You can jump from multipool to multipool and back to regular pools depending on what coin the multipools are mining. This allows for deeper customization and personalization based on coin and pool preference.

ZenMiner Partner Program

  1. Sell Hosted Miners (Bring your miners online): You control the price of the hardware you sell. And because you can quickly deliver the miner to the customer, you can demand a premium price.
  2. Hardware Access (Hardware Activation Codes): You have access to the hardware via a ZenHardware Code. This hardware keycode you sell to your customers who them to retrieve their hardware they have purchased from the ZenCloud within 24 hours.
  3. 99.9% Miner Uptime (Eliminate Miner Downtime) :You are able to sell hosted hardware without the expenses of setting up a hosted facility. ZenMiner handles all of that, and offers a 99.99% uptime SLA.
  4. Worry-free Hardware (Automatic Miner Replacement) :If the customer miner fails or has hardware issues, we replace it free of charge.
  5. Avoid the Hassle (No delays in mining) :Many countries have difficult import requirements and/or high power cost. ZenCloud Enabled hardware means no shipping, no delays, and access within 24 hours.

Benefits to Customers

  1. Being able to give a customer access to their purchased hardware within 24 hours is a game changer in an industry so dependent on time. As a ZenMiner Partner, the selling ZenCloud Enabled hardware you will have access to:
  2. Mining is guaranteed with a 99.99% SLA. ZenMiner has enough available hardware to where if their hardware fails, we will automatically swap it out with new hardware, the customer never misses a beat.
  3. The customer is able to choose from the top mining pools, and new ones are being added all the time.
  4. The customer is able to have their miner shipped to them at any time.


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