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Cashfarm.org - Make Money With Your Youtube Account

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I really hope this goes OK with the TOS here, I'll come straight to the point:

1) We created a software that watches YouTube Videos in the background whenever you are online.

2) Whenever the software watched a video, you earn a small amount of Bitcoins.

3) Minimum cashout: 2 USD

4) Referral System: After you install Cashfarm software you get a referral link. We currently pay 0.10 USD per install that you bring.

5) Contact: Message me with any kind of questions or if you want to work as affiliate - cashfarm@secure-mail.biz

6) Earning proof: We are a completely new system and need your trust. Therefore we will pay you DOUBLE your earnings if you belong to the first 100 downloaders and post your review here.

All info about our software: http://www.cashfarm.org

Download the software here: http://download.cashfarm.org


- After you installed Cashfarm you don't have to do anything. Cashfarm will make money right away.
- Cashfarm runs completely silent in the tray. You will not even realize that it is working.
- Cashfarm does not slow down your computer and uses only a minimum amount of bandwidth.
- Early Cashout after 2 USD only.
- Possibility to earn a lot more from our referral system.


- Currently all money is paid with Bitcoin only (Under the condition that your balance is >20$ and you cannot get paid using Bitcoin, please contact us with your preferred payment provider and we will try our best to pay you)

We welcome any questions or comments.

Have a nice day,

PS: Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/de/file/6...is/1404885687/ (1/53)

(We got a few false-positives in the past, please do not freak out if you see one. We are trying our best to whitelist our software, just as we are small developers, sometimes Antivirus companies are faster than us and the more people install our software the higher the likelihood of getting new false-positives. Currently Avast reports "Win32:AutoIt-BRZ [Trj]". We are working on it. Please refer to https://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=151918.0)

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Thats a great article. But i prefer to receive my money directly from Youtube. I know one company, thats called BuzzVoice - youtube views services and it can help you with getting views on your videos or get more followers if you want. Your videos gonna get noticed by your future fans and you will gain trustful audience that will help you with making money in future.

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