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Sign up here!



Kudos Network is a site where people get paid to complete offers for them. You have to complete only 1 offer and that's all you your account needs! Already got 204 British pounds (equalling to $300 USD) because of this with only 12 refs!



Got it after only 12 hours :)



It is open WORLDWIDE! So anyone can join and complete an offer



All you need to do is:


1.) Sign up to this link - http://gifts.kudosnetwork.co.uk/89858\

2.) Verify your email address

3.) Go to the offers page and complete one of the offers. I suggest you to do the worldwinner offer or intuit. I'll be making a step by step guide later on.

4.) After you've completed an offer. Refer friends to join under you and have them to complete an offer!

5.) After you and your refs get approved. You could cashout $82 on the Tools page or pick a cool prize! You'll get your prize in less than a week! Got mine in 12 hours :)



Available offers for international users are:



To complete this offer simply subscribe to the GOLD package 30 day free trial and build a website. DO NOT CANCEL and do not use prepaid cards.



To complete this offer simply signup, make a deposit of $10 or more and play it through.



To complete this offer simply sign up to Rebtel and deposit £7/$10/€8 or more.



To complete this offer simply sign up, deposit at least £/$/€ 5 and wager at least £/$/€ 10.


Tutorial to complete the Worldwinner offer:

1. Sign up to Worldwinner from the offers page.

2. Deposit atleast $10 to Worldwinner (https://www.worldwinner.com/cgi/finance/deposit.pl) and you should be a cash player right now. You now have $10 real money and $10 game credits.

3. Go back to this page (http://www.worldwinner.com/cgi/finance/account.pl) then click the withdraw button. Withdraw the $10 you invested then play your remaining game credits until you have $0 left.

4. You should now have the pending status on your Kudos Network account. It will get approved in 5 days.

5. Wait for several days and your $10 should be back into your paypal account right now which was sent by Worldwinner.

6. You now have your $10 back+$5 from me+ your Kudos account is now ready to get some cold hard cash!


Feel free to ask me for any questions regarding the site

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