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Hi all Exchanger...


 We have one very Famous Game In India Name Satta OR Matka


It is game that work as follows (you can ask any indian above 18 only)


1 ) there are 0-99 Numbers which gives out  1 x 90 times: 


  for e.g you choose 5 numbers (23,56,98,34,76) & put $ 1 on each : if your number comes up like 56 ...you shall get $ 90 for that ...


2) There are 0-9 numbers which gives out 1 x 9 Times


 for e.g you choose (4,6,2) three Single digit number & put $ 1 On Each : ...

Like in E.g 1) number opened was 56 :  In this game of single Digit your wining number is '6' 


hence you get paid $ 9 for betting on number '6'



I would like to Put the same Game Ahead to you...


I shall provide the no. of  Website those are related to same game in India (Satta,Matka) 


I won't open any Private Number of mine...you will get the Winning number detail on the websites those are related to this game...


I shall Provide 


100 % Return on your Win Only through E money.


100 % Understanding of the Game


100 % Original Details about the game...



Contact for wining through paypal,payza,perfect money,Skrill


Invest min .10 Cent on one given number


choose 5 numbers =.10x5=.50 Cents....


instant Transfer


Note :


Game Numbers are revealed in Indian Time 3 :00 Am 


for more details


Like skype :yahoo:mobile: 








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