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What is LikesPlanet.com?

LikesPlanet is your way to Advertise your social pages or earn Money by doing Likes!


16,954 Users Joined LikesPlanet network!


206 Users Joined LikesPlanet within last 24 hours!


50% Referrals Earnings!   Reverbnation Fans, Website Traffic, Facebook Likes, Facebook Subscribers, Twitter Followers, Youtube Subscribers, LinkedIn Shares, Youtube Video Views, Twitter ReTweets, Youtube Video Likes, Youtube Video Dislikes, Instagram Followers, Stumbleupon Followers...etc


  • Get 1000s Free FaceBook Page/Photo/Post/Album Likes/Shares !!
  • Get 1000s Free YouTube Video Likes/Dislikes/Plays !!
  • Get 1000s Free Twitter/StumbleUpon/LinkedIN/Instagram Followers !!
  • Get 1000s Free Website Traffic !!
  • 100% SAFE Network. Get only High-Quality Fans!
  • NO BOTs, NO Automated profiles!
  • We are all here for the same reason, Exchanging Fans!


Do you want 1000's of fans for your social media pages? You can get free facebook/youtube/twitter/.. likes/fans/views/..

fast, safe, easy and for FREE. Real fans which will push you into the social spotlight and raise your brand recognition.

We use a you like me i like you exchange. You earn points for every "like". It's completely free, but you can buy "Points"

our network to Save Time!. Or you can just earn the points and get them for free.


In Two Words: LikesPlanet.com is what you are






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Very good exchange site, I have been using it and still I am using this site as well I have received two payments from them so far one from Paypal and one from Okpay so I would definitely advise people to use this site as this is legit and the support is good as well here.

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