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Is Payexy Scam Site, Payexy Scam

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I have read about this exchange broker that they are not in service and not making exchanges when the users made their deposits into their account... So please verify it before making exchanges...

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8 days older i have make a payment to payexy egopay account for exchange to neteller, payexy dont give my money in neteller and i dont have support, i send many emails and no response...

to me is scam...

i dont try to tel, but to me is not necessary cause i send many emails to suport@payexy.com and payexy1@yahoo.com... this two is suporter emails from site payexy.com and none response...

payexy scam me...

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yes this payexy.com is a fraud cheating site 


Sumaya Rose Gordon is a big internet cheater


all Beware of big cheater in London . He cheated our 3500 wmz & 1900 perfect money.
this website is cheater payexy.com
cheater email is support@payexy.com, payexy1@yahoo.com
cheater mobile no. is +44763744684
help me.I loss our all dollars.
he from London. He cheat our money.
his mobile no. == +44763744684
he live in London. 
Address===185, (2nd floor)  Suite -2D Cromwell Road, Knightsbridge, London, UK ,SW7 5BW
http://payexy.com is cheater
he create free website on webs.com. always new website webs.com
his webiste upload 
beware of cheater
he cheat me. help any . I lost our money. 
he not pick my call. he switch off his mobile no. . 
please help me.

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