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social-bux.com scam deleted forum post

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a few weeks ago closed another site with same URL, site-name as Social-bux.com (Titan script). many people lost thir money i think...


After closing become an advertsing page on this URL ,and after opened another PTC site with same name on same URL...


I think its very weird and i asked admin today in Forum that he/she is the same admin as previous or a not?


Well... my message is missed and i lost my privileges to send message or open a new topic in the forum...


without any answer or message...


after i send a ticket to admin ..... i start to think there is dicatatorship in SB. 




why delete my post in forum?and why cannot post to forum too?


im just asked you that are you the same admin of previous social-bux site or not? you dont need delete my message for this question.

Administrator, Monday, September 2, 2013 at 02:56 PM


# 2.11 not and will not be in our power here at the moment when the forum will be 10 thousand

Articles to read all the articles. Therefore, problems and issues directed the site administrator are going to support. otherwise you will be notified and topic canceled a second time without notice to you will be banned. Of Procedure must be.



finally i send this topic URL to support and i get a ban LOL




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