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The Dangers of Cigarette Smoking

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Smoking is a real threat to health and life of a person. A young man smoked 10 packs of cigarette a day. At an early age, he was diagnosed of lung cancer. A well-known musician lady, had a lung cancer at the age of 40. A pregnant woman could not control her smoking, she had a premature baby and she lost her after a couple of days in ICU. Famous and ordinary people are victims of this kind of addiction and many lives have lost because of it.

Why is it that cigarette smoking is so dangerous? There are about 4000 substances produced when a cigarette burns, and most of these substances are harmful. Among these substances are acetaldehyde, acetone, ammonia, benzene, carbon monoxide, hydrocyanic acid, hydrogen cyanide, methyl alcohol, nicotine, nitrogen-dioxide, phenol, pyridine, and many more poisonous substances. A cigarette smoke is 10% water, 60% made of poisonous substances, and 30% of tars. One poisonous substance is the nicotine, an addictive drug just like the illegal drugs heroin and cocaine, once it is in the body, the heart beats faster, the blood pressure rises, and the skin temperature drops, Another substance is the carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas that is found in polluted air. Tars damage the entire respiratory system and the most dangerous part of the cigarette smoke.

Cigarette smoking develops lung diseases such as bronchitis, emphysema, and lung cancers. Other cancers- bladder, mouth, esophagus, pancreas, and larynx. About one-third of cancer deaths are caused by smoking. It damages the respiratory and circulatory system. In addition, heavy smokers may acquire some forms of heart disease.

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i don't think that there are any smokers around who don't know about the risks of smoking, but despite this they continues to smoke. In most countries, the government have discourage people to smoke by stating the risks of cigarette smoking on the pack itself but there has not been much result. Another example is that in Mauritius, the government has increased cigarette prices to discourage people from smoking but still they continue to buy as smokers become addict very quick and they can't live one day without smoking. So according to me, apart from preventing a person from smoking at a very young age, I don't see much things that can stop a smoker from smoking. Unless they want to stop this habit voluntarily.

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Smoking is very bad for health.There is no such thing as a safe cigarette. People who smoke any kind of cigarette are at an increased risk for smoking-related diseases. Although it is no longer legal to sell light cigarettes, people who smoked light cigarettes in the past are likely to have inhaled the same amount of toxic chemicals as those who smoked regular cigarettes. They remain at high risk of developing smoking-related cancers and other diseases

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I do not know any smokers who do not know about the risks of cigarette smoking. But still they would not stop this habit. The question is why? This is simply because they have been addicted to him. Most of the smokers have started having cigarettes since they were very young. Therefore, with time cigarette has become an addiction to them which they cannot resist. I have known some people who has quit smoking and according to them, it was not an easy task. But, because they were keen to stop smoking so they manage to do it. So, I believe that a person would stop smoking only if he or she wants to. If not, then nothing can get rid of this addiction from them.

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AddictionResource serves such individuals who seek guidance to come out of the addiction to alcohol and drugs. It is not easy to leave this habit but once you are set in your mind that you can do it, it actually becomes easier for you. So, in any kind of assistance, you must dial the addiction hotline number of drug abuse to get immediate help for your addiction.

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