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Be Aware, Smoking among women

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Want to avoid larger risks of early death due to cigarette smoking? Avoiding smoke early can be the key, experts say. According to a recent research in UK, women who quit smoking as early as 30 years old can almost completely avoid threatening risks of acquiring death from tobacco-related diseases.

Lifelong smokers die a decade earlier than those who haven’t smoked their whole life, research added.

But if smokers stopped at 30, a month of life is saved. If stopped at 40, they’ll die a year younger.

But this doesn’t mean youngsters now have a license to smoke.

On the study they have observed women who have been smoking during the 50s and 60s. According to Richard Peto of the Oxford University, women who smoke and continued doing it will more likely die because of tobacco. Peto further added that stopping smoking work wonders. Avoiding smoke early can help us avoid the harsh consequences. The earlier you stop the better. Peto also mentioned that high health risks from smoking are not determined by the amount, but rather the time.

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Hey lety, where did you get that information if you don't mind me asking? Studies also say non-smokers die from lung cancer more than those who smoke tobacco. It looks like there are different studies and surveys about it.

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