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Love sodas and other sweet drinks? Well you better watch out for the number of cans you drink because to a study in Japan, drinking too much of these thirst quenching sweets may lead to a kind of stroke in women.

Though results of the study did not show a direct cause of stroke from these drinks, there are results linking too much sugar intake and blocked arteries, according to Dr. Adam Bernstein a researcher at Cleveland Clinic.

He also added that the results from the study appear that increased sugar intake leads to disease like ischemic stroke. This kind of stroke is caused by plaque buildup.

The results also shared the same resolution on other studies pertaining to diseases from high intake of sweet beverages like diabetes, obesity, and heart attack.

On the study, Dr. Hiroyasu Iso and his team at Osaka University have surveyed people to answer different health and lifestyle questions pertaining to softdrink or sweet drink intake.

Subjects are then divided into groups by the level of sugar intake: everyday soda/fruit drink intake, every week, and those who rarely take sodas and fruit drinks.

Sugar drinks, juices, and sodas that were considered in the study were the sugar sweetened ones. Diet sodas and 100 percent fruit juices were not included.

After they have tracked the subjects, 3% of every day sugar drinkers had ischemic stroke. On the other hand, 1% of those who rarely drink these sweet beverages had developed stroke. There were no such links of sugar intake leads to disease on men.

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