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Calcium Deficit Risk

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One of the hormonal diseases associated with calcium deficit is PHPT or Primary Hyperparathyroidism. This disorder is described as the over secretion of parathyroid hormones to the body. This commonly affects post-menopausal women.

On a study conducted, women were asked to answer questions as to how much calcium intake that they had. Study has been monitored for years and had recorded almost 300 cases of PHPT. From those cases, patients were also divided into groups as to the calcium intake, age, body mass, and other factors. From the results gathered, women who participated in the study with high calcium intake had less risk of developing the disease as compared to those with calcium deficit.

Also associated to calcium deficit are bone fractures and kidney diseases. To avoid these diseases, it is important that we eat and drink more dairy products, fish, as well as nuts and other sources of calcium. According to study, increase of intake of calcium –dietary or supplementary reduces risks of women getting PHPT. But don’t take these too much as these may cause you diarrhea.

So the next time, you drop by the grocery, get lots of milk, cheese, fish and other dairy and serve yourself with the right amounts of calcium for a stronger, healthier body.

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