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Found 3 results

  1. WHO WE ARE? EvaDav is a client-oriented global advertising network, providing cutting-edge solutions both to advertisers and publishers who are integrated into a single platform. It provides the best performance and inventory and embraces the most perspective markets of advertising formats - in-page, pops, native and classic push notifications. TOP AD FORMATS In-page Push Premium Popunder Native Push Native Banner WHY CHOOSE EVADAV? EvaDav offers push-notifications, pops and native ads which prove worthwhile advertising opportunities for advertisers and publishers with premium inventory, high conversion and 100% brand and site safety. EvaDav has developed its own anti-fraud system together with an effective algorithm for predicting audience behavior. Ads will be shown to the maximum target audience. INFO ABOUT US Some numbers to back the claims about EvaDav being a leading push notification advertising network: ➡️Daily Impressions: 3B+ ➡️Active Advertisers: 20K+ ➡️Active Publishers: 50K+ ➡️Active SSP: 150+ ➡️Supported Payment Systems: 15+ (Wire, PayPal, WebMoney, ePayments, Skrill, Paxum, Payoneer, Capitalist, Bank Transfer, Wechat, AliPay, BitPay, etc.) KEY FEATURES ✅100% brand-safety- advertising doesn't depend on the site and is shown in a separate window ✅Creative policy- global standards with an individual approach ✅Premium inventory- priority access to top publishers ✅100% viewability- each impression is actually viewed by a user ✅High CTR- average CTR is more than 0.9% ✅Competitive CPC- average CPC starts at 0.001$ ✅Targeting group- 30+ options to reach your audience ✅Wide choice of payments systems ✅Personal manager and tech support available 24/7 ✅Cross-platform ad solutions ✅Own unique subscribers database
  2. JubiRev™ / JubiMax™ - revenue sharing company, share part of company revenue for placing 1 free ad daily - currently 1-2 weeks before prelaunch, open for registrations, no purchase and no revenue before prelaunch Products - Skincare, weight loss, energy and vitality products, body trainer program, cashback shopping, travel savings Cost - paid membership from $15 monthly - start package,one time, prices are now being finalized cca from $100 Work - post 1 ad daily and get paid - you may referr others for more income Compensation Highlights - yet to be finalized in 1-2 weeks - revenue sharing company earnings with tangible and quality products - daily realtime generation bonuses, generational check matching bonuses - monthly subscription payouts - JubiSuite team placement system for rewarding team and fosters team growth - 8 levels of Unilevel - and much more Registration http://www.jubirev.com/michal
  3. I’m offering you all today , one of the most perfect business opp. with no risk at all . Thinking about investing 3 $ is not seems a prudent idea , but imagine with this opportunity it is . The online business should be with a low risk to consider it as a good one You Connective .. A digital advertising agency offering a networking social business, using a marvelous plan Plz visit www.uconnective.com All you have to do is just 1- Join 2- Watch ADS 3- Share with friends 4- Earn !! all you have to do is just 1- Join 2- Watch ADS 3- Share with friends 4- Earn !! About joining : With just 3 $ you can be a premium audience in You Connective using their official currency UCO which equals 3 $ About watching ADS : Every day you have 1 AD to watch , you must watch it or your rewards will be deducted every missing AD deduct 1/7 of your weekly reward Sharing with you friends You have to invite your friends or partner to join using MLM developed binary system .. they are using a new technique called the map , you map contains your shared friends it has 2 locations or directions the first is uptown the other is downtown , when you register one of your friends on the uptown location and another one on the downtown location you will earn a fast start reward 1.5 $ , after this step you will earn for each 5 audience (friend ) on the uptown location and 5 audience (friend) on the downtown location 3 $ your maximum reward per day are 51 $ and u can cashout this amount on your e-bank account any time they support 3 e-banks to read more about the business opp. visit this link As an update early You Connective present to us a unique and smart system called Follow my map system to enlarge our maximum reward from 51 $ per day to 969 $ without pay any extra fees do you imagine??? If you want to know more about this update visit this link https://uconnective.com/opp.php#ffm To download the business demo https://uconnective.com/pdf.php The amazing visuals of You Connective are the most perfect feature that they have , the very fast support and so many services , this is ascreen shot form my own account If you are interest on this opp. and wanna know more contact me at clivvoo@gmail.com
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