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  1. There were many hyip monitors who added rcb of this program and were paying 6% benefit by investing under them but this site has gone scam and stopped paying members without plan's completion. Admin has decided to do scam very earlier because total investment has not yet reached to 600$.
  2. I am in right to invest on weekly plan because it will just expire after 1 week and we will earn a big profit from it while normal plan is 100 days long and its very hard for me to wait for such long period to earn profit. Admin has not given any expiry date that when they will remove this plan. We should take advantage of this plan.
  3. There are lot of hyip monitors who added this program in their RCB listing. More than 50 hyip monitors have approved this program now . No doubt left on my mind now. Minimum withdrawal in high here because if we invest 10$ here then we should wait for 4 days to request our payout on it. Minimum must be 0.1$.
  4. Monitors have ability to invest money in this program as the minimum set is 100$ here. Plan is also long lasting because its duration is 100 weeks which will take 700 days . Weekly 1$ earning is reasonable. Only monitor is testing this site and received one payout by it. I think it will pay for long time but i cant surely say it will complete its 700 days.
  5. I was thinking that site may remain legit till 4 to 5 days because of reasonable ROI but i am surprised to see that it has not paid any member after second day. Site is shown as scam in some hyip monitors. I could find any visitor online in this program as well. I think people have also accepted that its a scam program.
  6. well the program just launched for the btc users because there is not additional payment method added by administrator. minimum investment is 0.01btc which is equals to 5$ only . Lot of users have spent btc in this program. High investment is made by a user is more than 1.5BTC. I have not found any payout proof of it even its thread is not posted on other forums too. I am not clear about this program.
  7. Site is just launched for hyip monitors and other big investors because minimum investment 100$ here. I am a small investor and i am unable to invest money on it. I can surely say that it is a good program and we can see that admin spent a big amount in its launch and only that scam admin never spent a such big amount in his site.
  8. well hourly hyips are giving surprises these days , they remains legit for few days now . Its 5th site which is paying from 5 days now however such hyips go scam in just 1 or 2 days. This site has got overall paying status in Allhyipmonitors.com and monitors received their payouts yesterday. I think if remains paying for few more days then rcb offers may added by monitors.
  9. today is 4th day of this program and site is fortunately paying its investors however hourly hyips never pay investors more than 24 hours but this site is still running. 1 monitor is monitoring this site and received his payout yesterday. I think members will be very lucky who got paid by this site.
  10. Well yasapays was a paying site because its payment proofs are posted by members in many forums but now from last 36 hours no member received any payout by it. Site is also not working now . we can say that site has been turned into scam. Monitors have also displayed its scam status.Sorry for your loss.
  11. Prico fund is going good and has already been approved by 12 monitors. About 3k invested in this site and half of amount paid back to investors. I am unable to trust this one because its paying profits minutes which is not possible to earn and these sites also proved lucky for few investors only.
  12. Last payment was made on 25th march and after that no monitor invested money in this hyip. I also seen no proof of it as well. There is one hyip monitor which is showing this program as a scam one. I also consider it a scam program because only those admins offers high rates who want to do scam.
  13. Members must skip this program and not invest money on it because the site has stopped paying just on second day. Some monitors are showing its paid rank but one trusted hyip monitors (hyipexplorer) has updated its scam status today. so i am sure its scam now. http://www.allhyipmonitors.com/details/invexted.com?final=1
  14. Program is little slow in browsing because this site opened in my browser very slowly. I think hyip trackers are very impressed by this program thats why its RCB offers have been added by them in just 2 days of launch. total rate per day is 5.5% and plan will end after 30 days we will get a reasonable return. I hope it will complete its plan.
  15. Low profit is really helping admin to pay his investors for long time. I think you have not read these plans carefully admin is not paying 120% after 20 days but he is paying 120% after 8 days. our daily benefit is 2.5% fix. this is also a reasonable rate. Site is growing very fast its paying its associates from 5 days now.
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