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  1. Good news. The Admin will be free of their college activities for one month, so payment will be back to normal. They will pay on time. And one more good news, they are looking for some good advanced coders because they are trying to start some new earning ways in Cashnhits website. Hopely they will become much better. So if you guys know any good advanced coders please tell them to contact the Admin.
  2. I can't find any information about the kind of payment processor they are using to pay their members. I need to know if they are paying via Payza too.
  3. Just for information, right now Jillsclickcorner is offering members to try a 7 days free trial of amazing program. Program that brings you Free leads for all program for life. It has am amazing pay system that can let you earn really big cash. You can find more information here: http://power.freepowerteam.com/
  4. I have watched this movie too and I like it. Kinda original story. Hugh Jackman plays his role as perfectly. There's rumour that there will be a sequel for this one soon. I hope it's true.
  5. The story is disappointing. Far from the way I expected. It's still funny to watch though. Not as funny as the original one but it still worth to watch.
  6. The best movie I have ever watched in 2013 is Pacific Rim. It is way better than Transformers, my favorite movie franchise. I really love all the details that the movie has made. They really paid attention even to the very small details that we might even care to watch. Two thumbs up for the director.
  7. It is too bad that they only have 1 payment method, they pay via perfect money only. They should have Payza as alternative payment processor, it will be positve point for the forum.
  8. I am so disappointed with this X-Men franchise movie, specially it's about Wolverine. It's supposed to be awesome. The story is too "normal" if you can't call it cliche. And the Wolverine seems like a bad character here. So disappointed.
  9. I think the Admin is honest and paying but the problem is as a standard member, they will reach the minimum payment so slowy because there are only 1 to 2 ads per day. They have to upgrade their membership to earn more or they have to have many referrals to reach the minimum payment quicker.
  10. I have received my payment from Cashnhits again. A big thanks to CNH's Admin. MY 59TH CAHNHITS PAYMENT
  11. I'm glad to have more time again to post on this forum. Cashnhits, they are still paying! Here are my payments that I have received so far since my last post here. CASHNHITS 55TH PAYMENT CASHNHITS 56TH PAYMENT CASHNHITS 57TH PAYMENT CASHNHITS 58TH PAYMENT
  12. I have received my payment from Cashnhits again and again. Thank for the honesty, CNH Admin. MY 53ND CASHNHITS PAYMENT MY 54ND CASHNHITS PAYMENT
  13. Again! I have received my 29th payment from CASHTREAM. Thanks CASHTREAM's Admin. MY 29TH CASHTREAM PAYMENT
  14. Again, I have received another payment from CNH. Thank you CNH Admin for the honesty! : MY 52ND CASHNHITS PAYMENT
  15. I have received another payment from Incentria. The Admin is still paying. Amazing! MY 6TH INCENTRIA PAYMENT
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