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  1. Because he’s CLEARLY balding and whatever products or procedures he’s using to cover it up is not working… Pictured below are before and after photos of LeBron in 2017 when it was very clear he was balding. I don’t know what he did/used (rogaine, transplant, hair fibers, etc...) to restore his hairline, but it came back and everyone took notice. And this is what LeBron’s hairline looked like few nights ago after his game against the Jazz on October 25, 2019 I’m not exactly sure what’s happening to LeBron’s hair, but his headband looks to be the cause of his ruined
  2. One of the first benefits of going with Green Hair is that it is a natural dye color. This means that it will not fade over time as most colors will. This is important for those who may not want to change their hair every year or so but simply want a change. Green Hair Dye will not fade as quickly as other dyes and colors. For this reason, it can be a perfect choice for those who have to change their hair often due to their job or other reasons.
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