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  1. Hi! Sure! There is no point in waiting until that happens. Planning, implementing, testing and deploying a migration to Magento 2 can take a substantial amount of time. The earlier you start, the more time you have to get everything right. Check our blog for more info https://elogic.co/services/magento-2-migration/
  2. Hi, guys. I know that Shopify is the best solution for small retail to medium-sized businesses wanting to create an online presence. It is known for its usability and provides great features for those who don’t have much experience building online stores and want to start selling ASAP. Magento is a solution with unlimited features and scalable to handle business growth. But what do you think about Magento vs Shopify ? https://elogic.co/blog/magento-vs-shopify-which-to-choose/ Who wins?
  3. Hi! Yes, By staying with Magento 1, you not only risk customer data, but you also lose your competitive edge because new features and innovations will only come out for Magento 2. Check this article for more info https://elogic.co/blog/magento-1-to-magento-2-migration-guide/
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