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  1. Have a look at VPS deals which Apps4Rent.com provide. Their support crew is polite, expedient, and resolved the difficulties I was experiencing. Highly recommended.
  2. The way you phrased your questions shows that you are a TRUE LEADER. You said “we”, like you already have a team. “We” earn money through a variety of ways, but here are the most basic: DEVELOPMENT - The building of websites HOSTING - Websites all need a home, and having your own servers gives you a development platform, some additional income, and leverage against non-payment SUPPORT/WEBMASTER - A website is NEVER “done”. It will always need security or content updates, and most people don’t really want to do it themselves. I also make money by performing SEO services, social media marketing and creating print marketing tools (business cards, flyers, etc.)
  3. Making Money from Mobile is a tough task but it is not impossible and if you devote your time and money well you could earn a good amount . For making money through Mobiles there are many ways but for the sake of simplicity I will suggest you the most reliable and easy idea . The idea is to make money using Youtube and Blogger. For that you just need a Smartphone ,an Internet Connection and a Gmail Acccount . Now if you want to make money using Youtube you can choose any topic that you like and make quality videos of it and after that you can upload it to your Youtube Account.(Youtube Account is Same Gmail Account as All accounts are under Google) After that you need to monetize your Videos for which there is an option in Youtube and if your videos are liked and watched by a god number of people than you can earn a Good amount for that. Second Way is to write Blogs about anything that is currently in news and post that blog in the Google Blogger. The money comes through Google So it is the most reliable option to earn money through Mobile.
  4. Here I am listing 5 Best Practices for Content Promotion that you can use: Create a Content Promotion Calendar A content promotion calendar will help you keep track of various types of communications scheduled to go out and the dates and times for when they will be published. Use Audience Segmentation Once you have a calendar that details your promotional efforts, you can use segmentation to create a specific audience to receive your content. Segmentation is a powerful best practice to use when promoting content across multiple channels. Segmentation is used to divide large audiences or target markets into smaller segments based on specific criteria. Customize Messaging for Each Channel When developing your message, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. The first is the tone of your message. Tone is defined as the general attitude of your message. When deciding the tone, think about the feeling you want your message to carry. Experiment and Optimize Often Experimentation is a great way to learn how to best deliver your content to your audience and is something you should be doing on a consistent basis. Analyze Your Results After you’ve run a successful promotion campaign, it will be time for you to analyze the results of your efforts You’ll need to analyze the results of each campaign in order to identify ways to enhance future campaign performance. Hope this helps.
  5. As an experienced designer, I can personally say that theses sites do work but are ABSOLUTE CRAP! First of all, when you put a site on one of these hosting services, you don't have any security whatsoever. And by that I mean you can't be sure all any content you put on that site is actually protected, backed up or is even going to actually work at a reasonable speed. And also, since you haven't signed any agreement, as soon as you put something on one of those free hosts, they can legally take it and claim it as theirs. Also, some of these services have an annoying feature where your site gets deleted after a few days of inactivity, which means you need to be on the admin at least once a week to keep it maintained. And anyway, after all the trouble of the free services, why not just pay the ten dollars for a whole year of hosting and be done with it?
  6. Basically, cloud is a big platform and according to me, one cannot sell the cloud services in an ultra-cheap manner. There’s a strong reason behind the same is, the cloud platform offers “Pay per use” resources facility. So if your requirement is less then you’ll have to pay less(as per you use) and vice-versa. There are various hosting providers out there in the market which provides several web hosting services such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, etc. at an affordable price point. As mentioned in the question if you’re looking for the ultra cheap cloud hosting then I would personally recommend choosing Apps4Rent hosting company. As the company provides all the mentioned features and services at an affordable price.
  7. There are many ways to make money online, and though there are many scams, there is also a couple of legitimate ways earn money online. the things you want to stay away from are sites that will pay you to take surveys or search the web. Many of these are scams, and even if they aren’t you will not actually earn very much. The best ways to make money online are things that take a little more work, but will pay of endlessly in huge amounts of money. These include Affiliate Marketing E-commerce Drop-Shipping ….and more One if the easiest methods is Affiliate Marketing. This basically means promoting someone else’s product in return for money. It’s easy and free to get setup, and don’t need to keep track of products or anything, it’s very simple. Another benefit is that you can scale tremendously allowing you to make as much money as you want.
  8. By social media I refer to Facebook, Quora and whatsapp, because that's all I use. • Network- The most important function of social media. Contact people who share your interest or work with your future employer or attend your future school. Contact eminent people in your field who you would like to talk to or learn from. Just don't spam them. • Similar to the first point, assess what is currently in demand in your field and what your peers are involved in, and if any of it might interest or help you. Again don't go to the point of stalking. Stay in your limits and access only the information about others that they make available to you. • Actively seek out new opportunities. Graph search was pretty good for this. Search for tag words and find things, events, or chances you had no way of finding offline. • Be nice. Be respectful. Be cautious and don't give away more than you need to. • Similar to above, read the policies of any online services you use. Look up meanings if you don't understand but be aware of what is and Isn't okay. Know what you are giving them access. • Enjoy and connect. Isn't that what social media is for?
  9. The simplest and best tip is to find a baseline benchmark for success and determine a period of time for your campaign. Then review performance in regular intervals (daily/weekly/monthly) to see if youve made any progress toward reaching your success benchmark. At the end of the campaign, make tweaks for your next campaign based on what worked and what did not.
  10. There are several options: Becoming a sole trader - you can just start trading. If you want to sell things, start selling. If you want to provide services do so. You’ll need to obviously follow any certifications and meet any requirements but there shouldn’t be anything ‘administratively’ preventing you. You’ll need to submit tax returns to show earnings etc. Starting a partnership - you can start a limited liability partnership if you have 1 or more other people to go into business with. Again this needs to be registered in a similar way to a limited company (more info should be available on the dot gov website. Starting a limited company - a limited company essentially limits the liability of the individual to the company. To start a limited company you need to register with companies house and pay a fee. There are also requirements to ‘update’ companies house on a periodic basis with things like any changes to the business and your accounts Check out advice from UK GOV website on setting up a limited company.
  11. If you are in an urgent need of funds to meet an emergency situation or other financial goals, loans are the best way to meet the short term financial crisis. All you need is to contact a bank or non-banking financial companies available in the market. Each one has its own benefits and reason for people to avail loan. Here are mediums to apply small loans online: Websites Mobile apps If you are looking for a small loan with short tenure, apply for it through the mobile app or online by visiting the official website of these banks and NBFCs. Options to apply small loans online: Banks NBFCs Just explore the internet and you will get various loan options with easy monthly repayment plans, low-interest rates, enough loan amount and multiple lenders.
  12. Yes but depends on a few things: Only invest if you have discretionary money to spend, and have 0 debt, Invest as a means to diversify your portfolio. Also invest in Stocks, Bonds, currencies, bullion, yourself. Only buy real estate in stable countries with governments with good track records of upholding ownership. Do your research, or hire someone who knows the industry. Dont go in blind, and dont trust friend's "great investment opportunities" Also, investing in real estate can mean you invest in your own home. Make improvements and upgrades, and this will increase the value of your own home and property. This is one of the most common investments in real estate, and can be beneficial to your children if you pass the home on to them.
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