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  1. Check the average amount of profit one can get with AlysDax
  2. Concerning my investment portfolio, I have chosen AlysDax and enjoy my profit
  3. If one wants to build a career in one of perspective projects - keep attention to AlysDax. P.S. Not promotion
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  5. nice project as I see Concerning my experience, I am a member of AlysDax P.S Do not take it as promotion
  6. Watched and made sure that the project is good. Definitely gonna invest soon
  7. Crypto-currency exchange from the top 200 by Coingecko for sale (as a business, including source code, possibly, with the developers). - Has more than 70,000 registered users. - Break-even point passed . - Well-coordinated remote team, each employee works more than half a year. The main advantages: - Matching engine with a transaction speed of over 30,000/s. - Additional modules: IEO platform, volume support scripts, MLM program support, lending system. - Visa/Master card payments connected. - Well-designed UI/UX. - Convinient admin panel . - Built on microservice architecture with strict adherence to best coding practices. - A third-party security audit was conducted Get additional info via Telegram: @rtgecompany.
  8. I also wanna take part in your conferences. May In join them?
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