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  1. https://app.bitwala.com/r/SxtELIuk Last hours with 30 Euro bonus!!!! General Conditions: https://www.bitwala.com/img/200110_bitwala_agb_referral-programm_lipa_promo_en.pdf "Between 13 January 2020 (24:00 CET) and 13 February 2020 (24:00 CET) ("Promotion Period") Bitwala will offer a launch promotion with a bonus of EUR 30,- each ." After 13 February will be 15 Euro bonus instead of 30 Euro. Supported Countries: In general, any EEA resident - that is the EU, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway - can open a Bitwala account if they can identify themselves with one of the accepted documents. 30E for open wallet BTC or ETH!!! I recommend to open account via computer - via phone it could be some problems After opening account we should download veryfing application : for example IDnow (verification could be via computer or phone, if you haven't camera or microphone on computer - mobile phone will be better option) IMPORTANT !!! Before verification put on and connect headphones - otherwise for 90% someone from support will disconnect in first few seconds and you need to connect again. Verification possible from 8.00 CET - 24.00 CET (each day - Saturday, Sunday too) Verification could be in English/German Waiting time for verification could be even about hour. If you could I recommend to verify just after 8.00 or just before 24.00 (for example 23.30) - it's higher chance that you will connect very fast, Person from support usually ask you about: 1. if anyone force you to open that account etc 2. he/she could ask you about spelling you email - if you aren't perfect in English/German you could write down on paper your email letter by letter in that language and read in proper moment in veryfication 3. in some moment support will want to make photo of your face - for several second you will have to take off glasses if you have it 4. you will propably have to zoom your document in some places and show it in different angles 6, if you have document without your address you will need to have another document - gas/water/electricity etc. bill or bank statement 7. after successful verification you must open BTC/ETH wallet to get bonus!!!!! This is the likely conversation. They can make corrections or change something. It may also happen that they hang up for no reason or say that the quality of the camera is too low (even though exactly in this company the quality in another verification was good). In summary, it may be necessary to make more connections to finally succesfully verify the account. Bonus will be added within 15 business days (practically it should be in few days) So sign up, finish verification and you will have time to refer some friends before reduction of the bonus!!!
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