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  1. Hey I have recently started an online boutique. As it is running well, I didn't acquire any new debt, but I'm struggling with the high monthly debt payments that I acquired during the starting of my business. I felt myself in real trouble, and I went online seeking a better solution for debt relief. Then, I found bankruptcy on a website. I thought it would be a better solution for me since I have a huge debt. I was almost up to proceed with bankruptcy, but luckily I met one of my school friends last day. He said if I go with bankruptcy, I might lose my home, and explained a lot more about the bad side of bankruptcy. Moreover, he suggested an agency for a consumer proposal in Etobicoke. When I visited their website, I found more information about the same. I felt this much better than bankruptcy. So before heading to meet a Trustee, I thought to ask people here. What is the process of filing a consumer proposal? How long is the average consumer proposal? If anyone here had tried a consumer proposal, please share your thoughts and experience.
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