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  1. I am professional web designer working in web design company Dubai. I am currently working on multiple websites including E-Commerce, Web Application etc. I am expert in Wordpress CMS, HTML, PHP, Angular, Boot strap, working on frame works like: CodeIgniter, Larval etc Currently i am following the trends mention below: Black-and-white palettes Natural, organic shapes Chatbots video content Website speed Web site Performance Minimalism Diversity Mobile Friendly Website Use Friendly Design And more please let me know if i am missing anything so i improve my skills.
  2. If you’re in the eCommerce industry, your entire business relies on a customer converting when they reach your product page. You’ve probably tried some of the following tactics to increase conversions: Added high quality product photos Added a unique product description Optimized your website for ease of use Offered discounts or incentives But, sometimes these tactics aren’t enough. If you’re still struggling to boost your conversion rates, you’ll need something to really grab your customers’ attention and make them click “buy now” right then and there. And that’s where video comes in. Unsurprisingly, video has become one of the best tools for digital marketing. Many businesses are using this visual medium to spread brand awareness, advertise and even boost their SEO. But one of the biggest opportunities for video content lies in the eCommerce industry, specifically in the format of eCommerce product videos. As recommended from web design company Dubai just take a look at some of these stats from an Animoto study on video: 42% of consumers want to see more product videos 64% of eBay shoppers want to see more product videos 84% of Amazon shoppers want to see more product videos
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