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  1. EUR/USD: EUR is declining Current trend EUR shows moderate decline against USD today, retreating from local highs since September 16, updated the day before. Technical factors were the reason for the appearance of the "bearish" trend for the instrument, while USD remains under pressure amid expectations of new measures to support the American economy. The deadline for the ultimatum put forward by the House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi expired the day before, but she chose to extend the deadline for one more day. In turn, Donald Trump has stepped up pressure on the Rep
  2. XAU/USD: gold is strengthening Current trend Gold prices are rising during today's Asian session, taking advantage of the weakness of USD and updating local highs since October 13. The instrument is still supported by a high level of uncertainty in the market, which is associated with many factors. One of them is a new program of financial assistance for the American economy, around which real political battles unfolded. Investors are also noticeably concerned about the leadership of Democrat Joe Biden in the election race, which, if elected president, could dramatically increase bud
  3. WTI Crude Oil: oil prices are consolidating Current trend At the beginning of the week, oil prices show flat dynamics, holding near the level of $40.50 per barrel. Yesterday, the instrument was slightly supported by renewed hopes that a new stimulus package in the United States will be adopted before the presidential elections in November. However, by the close of the daytime session, optimism in the sentiment declined, and investors returned to discussing other problems. A new growth factor may be the upcoming OPEC+ meeting in Vienna, where the cartel and its allies are expecte
  4. Brent Crude Oil: prices stabilized Current trend Against the backdrop of global tensions on world markets, oil prices are trading within a narrow range, currently being around $42.70 per barrel. This week, the instrument has practically not changed against the previous week. The oil market is under pressure from low demand for energy, the forecast of which looks unfavorable against the background of the introduction of additional quarantine measures in the EU countries, which are the main importers. Moreover, the volume of oil exports from the United States fell to the year’s lo
  5. EUR/USD: waiting for new drivers Current trend EUR is trading in different directions against USD during today's morning session, waiting for new drivers. The trading on Wednesday was also mixed, which was facilitated by the low demand for risk, as well as the weak position of USD against the background of vague prospects for new stimuli in the US. The statistics from the eurozone released on Monday put additional pressure on EUR. Industrial Production in August fell sharply from 5% MoM to 0.7% MoM, which turned out to be slightly worse than market expectations at +0.8% MoM. In
  6. XAU/USD: gold prices are going down Current trend Gold prices are relatively stable during today's Asian trading session and are consolidating at 1900.00. The day before, the instrument showed a confident decline, which was caused by the growth of USD in response to the general deterioration in market sentiment. Investors are still discussing the topic of stimulus measures for the US economy, but more and more analysts are in favor of the fact that the new package of measures will be adopted after the US presidential elections on November 3. Additional support for gold is also p
  7. WTI Crude Oil: prices are falling Current trend Today during the Asian session, oil prices are consolidating near $39.50 per barrel after a two-day “bearish” rally. At the start of the week, quotes were under pressure by increased market supply as US oil producers resumed their work in the Gulf of Mexico as Hurricane Delta moved inland. Also, production is increasing in Libya, where the largest field, El Sharara, has resumed its work. Finally, Norwegian oil workers have ended their strike, which should also help boost oil production. On Tuesday, investors are focused on the stat
  8. USD/JPY: USD remains under pressure Current trend USD is actively declining against JPY during today's Asian trading session, developing last Friday's "bearish" signal, which was formed against the backdrop of a sharp rise in risk demand. Traders reacted to renewed talks on a new stimulus package for the American economy, despite Donald Trump's decision to suspend them last week until the presidential election in November. The Japanese macroeconomic statistics released today had an ambiguous impact on the instrument dynamics. Bank Lending in September slowed down from +6.7% YoY
  9. Morning Market Review EUR/USD EUR is showing moderate gains against USD during today's Asian session, recovering to previous local highs, updated on October 6. Market sentiment is gradually improving after the softening of the position of Donald Trump, who earlier announced the suspension of negotiations on a financial assistance program for the American economy. The US President said that he would consider the possibility of direct support of the labor market through an increase in unemployment benefits, if such a bill is formed. As for the full-scale package of measures, Trump plan
  10. USD/CAD: the instrument consolidates Current trend Today during the Asian session, the USD/CAD pair shows ambiguous dynamics, trading near the local lows of September 21. Yesterday, USD fell after a corrective growth on Tuesday, when markets reacted violently to Trump's sudden announcement of a freeze on negotiations under a new program to support the American economy. Canadian Wednesday’s macroeconomic statistics was rather poor. Thus, the index of business activity from Ivey for September fell from 67.8 to 54.3 points, which was worse than the market average forecasts. On Thur
  11. Morning Market Review EUR/USD EUR is showing ambiguous trading dynamics during today's Asian session, consolidating at 1.1730. The day before, EUR showed a steady decline and retreated from its local highs since September 21, which was associated with a rather unexpected statement from Donald Trump, who suspended negotiations on a new program to support the US economy until the November elections. Interestingly, Trump made this statement just a few hours after the speech by the US Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, who reiterated the urgent need for new stimulus measures and pointed out the
  12. EUR/USD: general review Current trend EUR shows insignificant growth against USD during today's Asian session, developing a strong "bullish" impulse formed yesterday. Market sentiment improved markedly yesterday after reports that President Donald Trump could be discharged from the hospital soon. In addition, traders again believed in the imminent approval of a new stimulus package for the US economy, which was probably also facilitated by Trump's diagnosis. Macroeconomic statistics from the eurozone released on Monday provided additional support to EUR. Retail Sales in the euro
  13. Morning Market Review EUR/USD EUR is showing weak gains against USD during today's Asian session, recovering from last Friday's decline, which turned out to be quite rich in various news drivers. First of all, the markets discussed Donald Trump's sudden quarantine in connection with a positive test for COVID-19. Investors fear that Trump will not be able to continue the political race in such conditions, with only about a month left before the presidential elections. Some pressure on the positions of EUR on Friday was exerted by the data from the eurozone. Consumer Price Index in Sep
  14. Morning Market Review EUR/USD EUR is declining against USD during today's Asian session, consolidating near 1.1700 and local highs since September 22, updated the day before. Another decline in EUR is due to technical factors, as investors fix their long positions ahead of the publication of the September report on the US labor market. The previously strong ADP report on private sector employment provided significant support to market sentiment. It is likely that Friday's statistics will also be better than forecasts, which, however, will only provide USD with a short-term support. T
  15. Morning Market Review EUR/USD EUR is again trading with positive dynamics against USD during today's Asian session, recovering to previous local highs after an uncertain correction the day before. The positions of EUR were somewhat weakened by the rather optimistic macroeconomic statistics from the US, while the European data did not have a noticeable effect on the dynamics of the market. Instead, investors widely discussed the speech of the ECB President Christine Lagarde, who noted that the regulator could follow the path of the US Fed and allow a short-term excess of the inflation
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