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  1. By the way, why Zulutrade is so popular? Why it is better theb MQL5?
  2. But waht the reason to have plan and knowlledge if you can't use them because of psyhological unavailability.
  3. I think that trading can be the main job if you have other different ways of income. Passive income, because you need a lot of time to trade for good income.
  4. Unfortunately, sometimes knowledge don't help an dyou need to unerstand what to do by your cold mind. And often, these moments are critical.
  5. I think the phsycological factor is more important than knowledge. It takes about 70% of success.
  6. Ok! I will test trough several monthes and than show you! P.S. Hasta la vista, baby! ))
  7. HYIPs are little financial pyramid ) Forex is real financial market. Will it is safe or risk depends on you! My story - http://www.digitalmoneytalk.com/topic/47719-how-to-become-a-successful-trader-as-soon-as-possible/?p=571172
  8. Whereever you are right, but 4invest changes signals every week according to their statstic and analysis. I don't know, what do they analyze and how, but it seems profitable. Managed of account is made by people too )) If you have a big expirience and good strategy it is ok, but you will loose a lot of money till you will have it. I don't want to loose a lot )
  9. Beginners, experienced forex players, who are successful and who are not, I appeal to you! I am a trader who, in my opinion, has enough experience and has achieved good results in Forex to share my knowledge. Of course, there were losses and gains, "honest" brokers and not. I have developed my own trading strategy, used the famous Forex fractals in the trading, followed the rules to construct moving averages, and changed a lot of trading platforms (brokers, dealing centers), strategies. But my patience had run out, when the last broker I worked with di
  10. I found on this forum this service of analysis of trading signals http://www.digitalmoneytalk.com/topic/47570-4investnet-official/ How i understand, it chooses the best signals for next week through analysis of their trading. I found it at their tab "My forecast". What do you think? They provide the probability of income about 94%.
  11. PAMM - account is convinient investment if you found safe. Although as forex signals that you can find through MQL5. By the way, in this forum i have found serice that create investment portfolio from signals of traders http://www.digitalmoneytalk.com/topic/47570-4investnet-official/?p=568038. It seems safety and logical, but i am not sure. How do you think?
  12. My screenshot of 4invest http://prntscr.com/al2iks It seems that you are bot, because you posts some unlogical things. May be you will write why you think so before post?
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