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  1. Hello everyone, Every month we add a bunch of new contests and incentives to the site so members have more ways to earn from completing offers and referring members. Today is July 1st, so I would like to spread the word out about the new contests we have going on right now and hopefully some of you will take advantage of it. As always, I try my best to only find the best offers to add to the site so, members aren't wasting their time completing an offer that has no chance of approval. If you have any questions, please contact me at: DailyDollarz@live.com
  2. New contests and incentives to start off May. Plenty of great offers to give a try. If you would like to use our PTC section, you will need to purchase our $5 dollar PTC Upgrade or any other upgrades. You will then receive 10 or more ads a day worth about 8 cents a day. We also have a lot more international offers thanks to members purchasing advertisement from us. So, international members can earn from our GPT and PTC if they wanted.
  3. Hello bidyut, I appreciate what you are doing. You can find the PTC contest by clicking the "PTC Contest" button on the site. Right now there is only 1 contest for the PTC, but once this one ends I'll think of something else that is a little more easier to win. Usually standard members won't receive over 4 ads. Upgraded Members are seeing over 10 ads a day, some worth up to 2 cents a click. You may need to update your flash on your computer to play the "Spin The Wheel" game. You will then need 5 game tokens for 1 spin. You have a chance of winning money, points, or game tokens.
  4. We have also started PTC contest. Right now we have one running where the winner that clicks the most ads in a given time, will be rewarded money as a prize.
  5. We are starting to receive more international offers from members advertising their campaigns on the site. So, don't forget to try them when they do become available. If you would like to advertise on the site, feel free to contact me.
  6. Thanks speedbus! We will have 6 new contests starting tomorrow, January 1st. These contests combine a total amount of $200-$250 dollars. For those of you that haven't signed up yet, now would be the time. New members tend to have the advantage because they haven't completed any of our offers yet.
  7. I'm sorry that your zipcode is accepted in the survey offers. We have been adding more and more international offers that don't even require zipcodes though. I would love to have you as a member on the site with us. We have some international offers that only require you to visit the website and get paid for it. I'm doing my best to find more and more international offers.
  8. We've added a few new India offers and "All Countries" offers. So, check them out. We will have another new feature added to DailyDollarz within a few days. We are continuing to branch off from the ordinary GPT websites out there and making some great features you can't find at any other GPT websites. We also have some great contests up right now. For those of you that are looking to earn some easy money, I can help you find the best offers on the website and make $10-$20 dollars within a day. We've had a few new members that have joined the website and done the exact same thing. It would be great for all of you that haven't made an account to make an account and join our 4,000+ member base of happy members.
  9. We have now added memberships to the website. We allow members to purchase "Upgrades" which automatically gives them a certain amount of ACTIVE referrals to their account. They then have other benefits that goes with the upgrade. Such as, advertising space, more contests, the ability to purchase more active referrals, and more! Sign up & check it out.
  10. There are some "International" offers on the site that is available to all countries. There are other ways of making money on the website. Such as the referral contest we hold. A member from the Philippines have been winning most of them and she has already made 20+ dollars within 2-3 weeks time. Also, you can post on the forums to get paid, but you must read up on the directions to make sure you know what is expected.
  11. We now have a point system with great prizes to give out!
  12. I'm sorry this is happening to you. I have nothing to do with offers approving or not. All I can say is retry the offer and it might approve the 2nd time around.
  13. What country are you from Seyren? We do have 3 offers that have been approving from members all around the word at a fast rate. If you join up you can also try them now & get your payment within a few hours. We are also going to have some great contests you aren't going to want to miss before this month ends. This will be an easy way to an extra cash fast! Take 1 minute to join up now.
  14. We don't have many offers specifically for Philippines. We do have a few international offers for every country to participate in.
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