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  1. You have received a payment to your account U1697568 (moneyman): Date: 3/25/2011 11:10 AM Batch: 57997138 From Account: U9396631 (MoneyTalkVillage) Amount: $5.00 Memo: Congratulations on your payment from MTV Thank you.
  2. Pay rates in the site seems to be quite high so I doubt is it worth to pay so well to members. Although I might give it a try as it's free to use. And by the way, what is the minimum payout as I din't find it from the site.
  3. Brand new PTC site! First 3000 Members will get a free ULTIMATE Membership. • 500-750 members - 3$ in their Purchase balance. • 750-1000 members - 2$ in their Purchase balance. • 1000-1500 members - 1$ in their Purchase balance. • 1500-5000 members - 0.5$ in their Purchase balance. Pay per click $0.0100 Pay per referral click $0.0025 The minimum payout is $1.00 Payments by Paypal and Alertpay http://www.bux4thewin.com/?ref=moneyman
  4. First 1000 Members Get Free Upgrade To Premium For 1 Month!. Earn up to $0.015 per click Earn up to $0.0125 per ref click Minimum Payout $2,00 (Instantly) Payments via Alertpay and Liberty Reserve Free members earn 0.01$ per ad click and 0.0025$ per referral click. http://www.youtubeonlinebux.com/?ref=moneyman
  5. Displayed Username : moneyman Amount To Request (DMT points) : 200 Payment option Liberty Reserve ID : U1697568
  6. Sharedimages Earn 0.5 USD when signup and 1 USD per 1250 visitors when sharing your image(s). Minimum payment is only 5 USD via Paypal or Liberty Reserve. They pay minimum 0.00012 point and up to 1.2 point per visit. Convert rate is 1500 points to 1 USD I have been totally paid 37$ by them http://sharedimages.org/signup.php?ref=80668
  7. Rates are good but it's hard to generate traffic for non-Porn images, except by posting payment proofs in many forum. And it is also hard to get US traffic, which pays the most. So I prefer to stay with Sharedimages.
  8. Looks nice and interesting, as there is so low payout limit, so there must be loads of active members in the forum. I'm definitely going to join, because of 1$ payout, which is reachable even in one day. I find PTP forums as an useful way to communicate with people and get knowledge and information of different sites and methods how to make money online.
  9. Najobux Earn 0.001$ per click 20% referral earnings No minimum payout Payouts via Alertpay, Liberty reserve and Paypal 4 ads daily to click http://www.najobux.com/?ref=moneyman
  10. I made some money, but I got only 0.50$ profit and then my money got stuck there. I have also heard that sister site of Kooday, Trekpay was having some payout problems a few months ago. So I asked for refund and got my money back.
  11. I joined tihs through some blog I was reading, it's a nice site and even international members can earn money for free without any requirements. So I find tihs site useful in making money online. They've also some offers available for INTL members.
  12. This is scam, I have waited for payout 4-5 months and it's not going to pay surely. So please close this thread now. Many other members in other forums have also complained about having problems with payouts.
  13. In Gatebux you will earn... 0.01$ for every ad click 0.005$ per every referral click Payouts are instant You'll be paid via Alertpay and Paypal Upgraded members earn up to 0.015$ per click and same for referral click 4 ads daily to click http://www.gatebux.com/?ref=moneyman
  14. This forum seems interesting, and it's quite new also, so there's surely a lot of posts/threads to be made. Payout is little higher than other similar PTP forums, but their good pay-per-post rates make it up.
  15. Their posting rates are quite ridiculous, but although the minimum payout limit is quite low so maybe I'm going to give this site a try. 0.01$ per post isn't much, but with 100 posts it's the different thing.
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